They are WEAK and we are STRONG!

So why all the kerfuffle over such things as the former name of Rick Perry’s camp?

The left’s political style is Leninist. Name call, characterize, lie; anything but fact-based argument. This season “racist”  is the vogue. Could this be an attempt to keep secure the FLOP’s (Failed Liberal Obama Presidency) African-American base? Uh yeah.

Freentn has already commented that Rick Perry and papa whould have deep-sixed the rock with the forbidden word in the nearest swamp. If I have a reservation about the governor at this point it is that he may lack the imagination and wit to face what is going to be an incredibly filthy dirty campaign.

I want to win in 2012. I am not interested in circular firing squads. I want to attack the left everywhere and all the time.

How about whenever asked about race the GOP candidate demands to know why Al Sharpton is a host on MSNBC? Brush up on the rev’s quotes, many of which are on video and audio recording. Read “Outrage” about the Brawley case. Get the facts memorized. Bring them up constantly and demand that MSNBC fire Sharpton.

When asked about race ask the reporter if he or she will dial up Rev Jackson. If not, why not.

Unreasonable? No, the media in the US largely is a mouthpiece for the lib/progressive/leftist/Dems.

When asked about booing a soldier demand to know why sailors have to serve on an aircraft carrier named for an ardent segregationist ie USS John Stennis? Why? Why?

Of course there’s always the economy. Black unemployment is high. These are real issues. Issues the FLOP and his media goons don’t want brought up.