The FLOP flops.

The FLOP (Failed Liberal Obama Presidency) has now “in perhaps the most important speech of his presidency” timidly went where he has gone before: throwing money hither and thither.

This he repeatedly repeated must be done RIGHT AWAY. Perhaps 44 fears even a cursory reading of his jobs proposals would not be in his best interests.

It was all RIGHT AWAY except for the moolah part which for some reason the FLOP  deems to not fit in the RIGHT AWAY imperative.

No doubt the chief exec and his merry men are seeking to triangulate their way to winning a second term.

I knew RIGHT AWAY the president did at least one bit of innovation. That is he began his re-election campaign at a joint session of Congress.

According to early reports the bill will amount to $445 Billion, but again not to worry as the president soothingly reassured those still in touch with reality that all of the spending will be covered but not RIGHT AWAY.

It is of course pure rubbish. The GOP might take the president up on lightening the regulatory burden, but the devil is still in the details and the president didn’t provide them.

I say again no matter the Republican choice I will support him or her.