Am I a "CINO"...?

Well, No I’m not. And I’ll tell you who is not only not a CINO,  but is a RLWP. RLWP as in Real Left-Wing President. That would be the 44th President and current WH occupant Barack H. Obama.

If  you think it’s bad now my conservative friends try the following thought experiment: Imagine Mr. O’s re-election next year.

Now, is there any GOP contender who wouldn’t be better…much better?

Perhaps at 65 I’m getting spongy between the ears, becoming a conservative softy with a flaccid right wing; but I deny any such thing.

No matter who of the current GOP announced or may announce finally gets the nod he or she will have my vote and fervent support.

Jon Huntsman seems at first and maybe second glance to be the least conservative of the bunch so let’s proceed with another thought experiment comparing a Huntsman first term with an Obama second term.

Supreme Court nomination (s): Uh, I don’t know who Huntsman would put forward, but I am confident that whoever he picks will please me more  than an Obama pick. And the next couple of Supreme choices will be very important for a very long time.

Spending: Huntsman was a spender as Utah’s CEO according to his Club for Growth’s White Paper. However, I am quite confident a worst-case Huntsman budget would be less than the alternative. And Huntsman has the additional advantage of experience.

Taxes: Club for Growth gives the man from Utah generally good marks here.

Defense: I personally think Huntsman is very strong here. His views on asymetrical warfare will serve the nation well. (Sec of Defense maybe?)

Healtcare: Club for Growth not entirely happy with his Utah experience, but likes what he did WAY better than Romney’s Massachusetts plan. And will his approach be better than what will happen should Obama win….uh yeah. Huntsman does believe in the states as laboratories approach and that is  far more conservative than one-size fits all federal tyranny.

Okay, I believe the point has been made. Yes, yes I grind my teeth  when I examine parts of the Huntsman record. But grinding is an improvement on gnashing.

I use Mr. Huntsman not to endorse him, but to argue that if he is “too liberal” or “a moderate” or a “CINO” he is still a damn site better than four more years of Obama. And looking at his record and listening to his rhetoric I think he might just please this member of the VRWC more than a President Romney. Huntsman seems more candid for one thing.

So with humility I propose the obvious: that we fix our gaze on victory no matter the GOP standard bearer. President Obama looks vulnerable. To let him have a second term because the ultimate GOP candidate isn’t right on this, that or the other would be tragic. No matter who carries the Republican standard he or she will be better for the country we all love and the political philosophy we espouse.