Charles Rangel; This Man Was a Powerful Congressman!

     He should be on his way to prison. But my conservative friends from everywhere it is an ill wind that blows no good. Should he decide to stay he will be a most useful idiot and educational exhibit.

     He is a living textbook of government corruption and incompetence. A man who chaired the House Ways and Means Committee while cheating big time on his taxes. His defense after decades helping to craft the tax code is that he was sloppy. You try that with the IRS when they nail you for tax evasion. By the way did the IRS go after Rep. Rangel?

     The pride of Harlem proves in a backhanded way that out of control spending seems to be in liberals’ DNA. He let his lawyers burn through a couple of mill to no apparent purpose. They no doubt spotted him as a sucker and instead of telling him to get the best deal possible given he was caught dead to rights decided to shove the hour meter to warp speed.

      I know Mr Rangel served with honor in Korea. Since when is that a Get Out of Jail card? I concede he easily won his last election. I guess he has a really, really safe district. Plenty of big shots attended his eightieth birthday party including New York Attorney-General and governor-elect Andrew Cuomo. Consorting with a crooked pol. Hey don’t be judgmental. Charlie is a great guy when you get to know him. Not too good with figures, but  look what he accomplished for himself with no real education. Willie Sutton robbed banks he famously explained “because that’s where the money is” Credit Charlie for choosing politics; more dough and usually no jail.

     Seriously, a low-life thief like Rangel ought to be finishing out his days in the pen. He isn’t so lemonaide  out of lemons style anytime the Left argues government does it better, more fairly etc. etc. let us point to Charlie. Let us make very clear that this uninformed moron and  crook to boot is even now viewed  as a kindly sagacious voice of progressives. Friend to the working poor. Voice of those who have no voice (or intelligence). You know the drill.

      On a personal note I served in Vietnam. I recently closely examined my DD214 (Discharge) Terms of service were Honorable. No where did I find permission to become a lying weasel. Yes, I am angry and disgusted. The Charlie Rangels of the world have caused great harm to our country. Yet his ilk continue to freely find fault with the private sector, those who espouse limited government and other productive types. Think what Ayn Rand could have done with Charles B. Rangel. Let’s not miss our opportunity. The life and times of the man with the Pepsodent smile deserve a wide audience.  For me henceforth it’s the Reid-Pelosi-Rangel Democrats.