No repeal of Obamacare till 2012? Rep. Issa can have Dems begging for it.

     I once asked my dentist to explain a root canal. About half way I assured him I would never sit for such a procedure. The doc smiled knowingly. “If you get an abscess you’ll be in here begging for one.” Some years later I awakened in the middle of the night. The time-stopping agony of a tooth ache was upon me and a few hours later came the remedial and blessed  root canal. The dentist probably had forgotten our earlier exchange, but in any case he didn’t so much as wink.

      Incoming chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rep Darrell Issa will soon have many Democrats begging for a root canal like repeal of Obamacare. No mistake, so called health care reform like Nosferatu is a goner when the Sun shines upon it. I have read the entire bill. Yes I really have staggered through it; made notes even. There are many many pages but each one has only two or three paragraphs.

      Now do I understand it? No. I really doubt any one person or any one group fully understands the legislation. It is larded with annotations and references: See H&HS Reg. T, sub para ii. It is utterly incomprehensible. And no I didn’t look up the various “see…” and “refer to…”

     But even incomplete comprehension allows a firm conclusion: Obamacare is a 100 mega-ton stink bomb. It confers upon bureaucrats fabulous powers of destruction. Even now we hear that just two particular pages have generated reams of regulations. Pres Obama himself has backed away from the onerous 1099 requirements imposed by his own “achievement” I mean, who knew? Not even the chief executive apparently.

      I am certain that if Rep Issa’s committee forces the examination and explanation page by page of Obamacare it will be either substantially or completely repealed with plenty of help from Democrats. If not 2012 will be an even worse night for them than the recent mid-term.

      Oh and the “stimulus” should get some face time. There will be a Magnitude 7 thud as American jaws hit the floor as they realize how nearly a trillion dollars was wasted. Democrats who voted for it will need very innovative excuses. This civics lesson will be toxic for notions about government knowing best…hell about government knowing much of anything except the art of the payoff.

     A New York Times op-ed piece warning of Rep Issa’s coming probes suggests many targets, but not Obamacare. Rep Issa should need no more reason than that to start right there.