Defense, a right-wing sacred cow?

     Short answer: of course not. History shows Liberty must sometimes be protected by force of arms. History also teaches that national defense is very costly and generally involves phenominal waste. So I (humbly as a former enlisted man) offer some out of the box thinking for the vast right-wing conspiracy (Can any “conpsiracy” be vast, but I digress.)

     When my liberal  friends ask  where I would cut national defense they expect to strike me mute since the left-wing holds that this category of government is viewed by the right as untouchable. Thus their surprise when I promptly suggest pulling US forces out of S. Korea and reducing our forces in Europe for a start. 

     You see I’m against hand outs and defending countries and regions perfectly able to defend themselves is a hand out and a very expensive one. We should end such expensive and unneccesary deployments.

     S. Korea is a very prosperous nation with an able military. They have none the less coddled their northern neighbor allowing its tyranical regime to become a nuclear power.  The South Koreans now find themselves unable to retaliate when the North torpedoes and sinks a S. Koren warship. Of course we did nothing when the N. Koreans seized the Pueblo many years ago. Gen MacArthur said, “There is no substitute for victory.” He was ignored and six decades later our fighting men and women are still on the Korean Penninsula and very much in harm’s way.

     If war erupts in Korea it will be very deadly. The North has thousands of big guns capable of raising absolute hell in the DMZ and Seoul. Casualties in the first hours would be staggering. And does anyone think the North would hesitate to go nuclear before being itself ground to pieces?

     Sixty years ago we spent considerable amounts of blood and treasure to protect S Korea. Since then it has become a prosperous nation. It has also clung to the hope of peaceful reunification with the North. This is a fantasy; the two are still technically at war! We cannot afford to support such a chimerical policy.

     Sixty-five years ago World War II ended. Then came the Cold War. We won that war, a great if unsung victory. The USSR collapsed without serious fighting. We have since removed much of our military from Europe, but not all. Certainly there are good reasons to maintain some Euro-presence, but not at current levels.

     Concerning Afghanistan a returned Army captain recently explained that “asymmetrical warfare” allows the Taliban to use very cheap but effective weapons to tie down our 21st Century force. How primitive is Afghan society? The captain estimated at least a quarter of the rural population lives the same way as their second and third century ancestors. Many of the folks the captain encountered were astonished by the various radios used by US troops! These folks are tribal, central government is meaningless to them.

     I don’t argue that we should cut and run from middle-east terror, but certainly we on the right should press for a much more coherent defense strategy than now exists. Let the debate begin.