Reality = Opposite Of "Morning Joe"

     Good journalism  like Newton’s Laws of classical mechanics is useful because it is informative. There is precious little fact-based political reporting nowadays. Most offerings are rehashed establishment group think, political “insider” talking points and stupidly off-point gossip.

     MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” serves up three hours of  such mush Monday through Friday. I tune in now and again as with all of MSNBC’s news/opinion programs just to reassure myself that the media’s left-wing talking heads remain willfully out of touch with reality. In small doses it’s amusing, but more than a few surfing moments creates heavy eyelids. 

     Talking head Joe Scarborough is a case in point. Part of his schtick is to sip his coffee through a straw, yes that’s right a straw for coffee, while reminding anyone who doesn’t know that he was first elected to Congress in the 1994 GOP wave.  I am certain that he must bring this up all the time since I’ve heard it on virtually every tune-in no matter how brief.

     Here are just a few of Scarborough’s sagacities:

     The GOP is no longer a national party. It is a southern and mid-western party. Joe apparently never heard of “The Solid South” which denied Republicans any representation in the old Confederacy for about 100 years.

     As late as today Nov 1, he thinks the mid-terms may be a repeat of the 2008 New Hampshire Dem primary in so far as everyone thought Obama would clobber Clinton and everyone was wrong.

     He preaches a reasonable and respectful approach to politics while practicing a truly puerile and nasty brand of commentary.

     He claims to be conservative while never missing an opportunity to mock any and all conservatives. He gives the very strong impression that he just may be the only real conservative.

     His syncophants include someone named Mika who gets very upset about things like french fries. She works hard to the point of exhaustion. How exhausted? Well, she admits to dropping her four-month infant while in a work-induced torpor.

      Okay, enough already. I promise not to post anything quite this banal again, but fellow Redstate mavens I am going to “TIVO” all of MSNBC’s election night coverage. Comedy like this you can’t write. How will this crew handle the GOP’s very big night? (See Brother Erickson’s post for the very likely answers)

     Oh, AND I have a bet with myself that Keith Olberman will have some kind of high blood pressure “event” No I’m not wishing for same but if I were in studio I’d have the EMT crew near by.