The Tea Party Movement:Puts Represent Back In Representative Government

Group-think media types puzzle over the rise and continued growth of the Tea Party movement. When limited to one explanation they settle for “voter anger”, but carefully avoid mentioning just why there is such.

I hold that voter anger is fueled by a deep frustration. Frustration caused by elected officials who no longer represent what the majority of Americans want: Government limited by the U.S. Constitution and various state charters; government operated transparently and efficiently; government at the federal level that is devoted to protecting citizens against foreign and domestic threats; government enactments not prejudiced for or against certain citizens or group of citizens; government not operated by bureaucrats able to use arcane rules and regulations to work their will and not answer at the ballot box; government not filled with lawyer/politicians who claim a set of competencies no one person could possibly have and lack the real humility to recognize the dynamic ability to solve problems found in the electorate, not in the elected.

The media and the Left  long ago bought into Lenin’s proposition that a professional cadre knows best what is good for common folk. This is why they are aghast that “unqualified” candidates like O’Donnell and Angle are seeking seats in the U.S. Senate. Thus they show their disdain for the founders’ quite simple requirements to seek office. The founders realized there was plenty of wisdom, talent and ability vested in the citizenry. After all who knows better about various problems and hardships than people who have actually experienced them?

Today’s establishment is an “ancien regime” passing its own version of the Townshend Acts. Now they have a rendezvous at the 21st Century eqivalent of the Bastille and Concord Bridge. It’s Nov. 2 and the farmers are waiting for them there.

The establishment’s wicked tyrannical power is immense – matched only by its peculiar “well-educated ignorance” More than one pasting will be required, but that too is coming.