Christine. Swing at those hanging curves!

Christine O’Donnell was plainly nervous during the first thirty minutes of her debate with Chris Coons and while she steadily improved she missed several home run chances served up by the mild-mannered Democrat.

O’Donnell let it pass when Coons said he supported”all of the Constitutions” He explained that there are several Constitutions including the original, the one from the 1930’s and others. All O’Donnell had to say was “Chris, there’s only one Constitution. I’ll be bound by it. You apparently will decide which of your phantom Constitutions to heed on a case by case basis same as Reid and Pelosi.” But she didn’t. Ouch. Big, big miss.

Secondly she plainly had Coons very uncomfortable when referencing his tax increases as a county executive. However, she didn’t press it and let Coons’ goobly-gook answer go unchallenged.

Third, Coons obviously was bothered when O’Donnell tied him to Obama, Reid and Pelosi particularly when she noted Reid referred to Coons as “his pet”.

A smart debater would have spent the rest of the debate coming back again and again the Coons’ vulnerabilities. He is in fact a surprisingly weak candidate.

I support Ms. O’Donnell but now see more clearly why the so-called establishment was behind Castle. If Coons does win he will plainly be one of the most left-wing senators. The debate exposed him as a true believer of the mommy knows best theory of government. Look, I’m for Ms O’Donnell but her amateur status is hurting her. Coons gave her plenty of ammo. Now she must use it relentlessly.