Seeing Red In A Blue State

     Carl Paladino has quickly closed the polling gap between himself and Andrew Cuomo in the NY Governor’s contest. Cuomo is favored by 49 per cent of likely voters; Paladino by 43 per cent according to the respected Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday morning.

     Just a week ago Paladino won the GOP primary two to one. During the primary campaign the Buffalo attorney fought his way from buried to dead heat in the polls. No poll indicated Paladino’s election landslide. Recent surveys about the general election similarly showed the Republican wasn’t competitive against Cuomo. Thus in just a week   the son of immigrants has apparently converted a lot of likely voters.

     The latest numbers show independents and self-identified Tea Party supporters favor Paladino as do men. Cuomo has a five to three lead with women. Buffalo TV outlet WGRZ reports that money is beginning to flow to Paladino who canceled his Wednesday campaign stops to spend time coordinating the donation effort. Most of the money he spent in the primary was out of pocket. Paladino’s net worth is estimated at 150-million dollars and he promises to spend at least 10-million of his own seeking the governor’s office.

     Paladino wants to debate Cuomo as often as possible. The Democrat says he’s considering it, but Paladino’s people say the Cuomo camp hasn’t responded to e-mails and phone calls aimed at scheduling a face to face appearance.