G.A.S. The Lamestream Media Has A Full Tank

Bernie Goldberg minted a beauty when he put the “Lamestream” handle on the old-line liberal news outlets. Like all good quips it’s very efficient. Lame conjures up excuses and obvious mendacity. Lame is boring. Lame is met with eyes rolling up heavenward.  Lame as Bernie employs it is a very effective four-letter word. Laudably succint.

In the same spirit I offer a three-letter acronym: G.A.S. for Grasping At Straws. Unable and unwilling to discuss basic political reality the liberal press headlines stories along the lines of “O’Connor Admits to Popsicle Theft When He Was 12!”

Thus MSNBC’s hacks spend much air time not on Christine O’Donnell’s campaign, views on issues and likely impact on the US Senate if elected; but rather her years ago brush with witchcraft. The NY Daily News label’s the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate “Crazy Carl” The NY Times labels his ideas “crazy” and “wacko”

Let’s see.  New York State  has critical problems and Paladino’s promise to cut taxes, roll back government bloat and go after rampant corruption is not a sane approach.  This is the kind of complete nonsense which the Times now fills its opinion pages.

The three old TV networks are the same no matter whether its the weekday news offerings or the weekend panels.  Has there been one substantial effort to seriously explain the Tea Party movement by ABC, CBS or NBC?

Good substantial journalism is always interesting and the opposite is boring. That’s one of the reasons Fox News ratings are growing while the “Big Three” viewer ship declines. Grasping at straws is both dull and silly. People paying attention know we have reached a juncture and choices matter a great deal. People paying heed are likely voters and they are fed up with G.A.S.