"Morning Joe" Scarborough Is A....WHIG!

     Morning Joe Scarborough today ranted/lamented that Republicans will never be a national party if the grass roots keep screwing up by doing things like picking Christine O’Donnell in party primaries. Guest Mark Helpern was equally gloomy. The Tea Parties may be helping now, but down the road disaster awaits, he warned. They agreed O’Donnell’s victory is a dark portent for the Party of Lincoln.

     If they mean Lincoln’s first party affiliation the Whigs they are spot on. Like Whigs Scarborough and his coterie would rather be a compromised majority  than a coherent and effective political party.

     Scarborough never lets any viewer on any day forget that he by God is a conservative who won a House seat as part of the big GOP victory in 1994. However his conservatism is the irritable sort Lionel Trilling condemned 60 years ago in his “The Liberal Imagination” Worse his professed conservatism is incoherent. He properly holds Bush the Younger accountable for fiscal profligacy, but would choose Mike Castle over Christine O’Donnell to seek the Holy Grail of majority. This is the kind of majority that broke most conservative’s hearts during the last few years.

     Scarborough seems unimpressed with the prospect of GOP majorities in the House and gubernatorialseats. The latter particularly important in the re-districting based on the latest census. He frets about the Senate, about the Big Tent, about Sarah Palin. One got the feeling shortly after six am that Morning Joe had been pushed over the edge by the spunky O’Donnell’s victory. Mike Castle  Big Joe would have us know is the keystone in the Arch of Majority. This if true is really bad news since Castle so far appears to be a sour puss who has no intention of forgiving an upstart who took a seeming sure thing away from him. Afterall one shouldn’t take this big tent idea too far. 

     Pat Buchanan dissented, noting that the GOP’s big tent had best make room for Ms O’Donnell and the Republicans who voted for her. He suggested Sen John Cornyn call her, congratulate her and offer help. Finally Pat offered that he “whooped” when the result in Delaware was announced. Joe apparently didn’t.