Gov. Squirrel Face of New Jersey Strikes Again

The governor of New Jersey, the eminently inept Phil Murphy, has struck again.  Here is a man who “governs” a state with the worst tax burden.  But…hey, at least the state legalized pot and totally screwed that up also.  What self-respecting pothead would spend $50 for X amount of pot when they can get it, at probably better quality, for $25 on the street corner?

Besides being #1 or in the top 5 in all the negative economic categories there are, under Murphy, New Jersey has another ghoulish #1 prize: the highest number of Wuhan flu deaths per 100,000 population. As a public service, Murphy takes to the airwaves- actually a live stream- daily to address the growing number of cases and deaths and will occasionally throw in other such statistics used to justify keeping schools closed and restaurants and bars after 10:00 PM shuttered (but not casinos; that’s a different tax) because the evil virus is particularly virulent after that hour.

What made his most recent borefest interesting is that Murphy decided to weigh in on national politics, namely the refusal of President Trump to concede, and the upcoming vote in Congress to certify the results of the Electoral College vote.  Murphy seemed to take particular umbrage with Congressman Jeff Van Drew of the 2nd Congressional District (my home district).  Van Drew, you may recall, won election in an open race in 2018 running as a Democrat.  When it came time to cast a vote on the impeachment of Trump, he was one of two Democrats to grow a set of balls and vote “no.”  The long knives of the local and state Democrats- no doubt instigated by the wicked witch of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi- and they came for Van Drew.

For his part, Van Drew withdrew from the Democrat Party and became a Republican, then won reelection in 2020 defeating a woman who married a Kennedy and campaigned as if she was an actual Kennedy.  Van Drew even gave a red meat speech at the RNC convention and has become a rather strong Trump supporter.

Now, Van Drew is one of many Republicans in Congress who intends to contest the Electoral College vote.  Murphy described these Republicans and Van Drew as “unabashedly working to undermine our constitutional norms.”  Blah-blah-blah: we get it.  Murphy got the talking points memo from the DNC and parroted the lines of the compliant media.

Then he went after Van Drew saying he was “throwing his fate in with crackpot theories.  If that’s the legacy Jeff wants, it is what it is.”  So once again, worrying about electoral integrity is a “crackpot theory.”  Every suspect action is a “crackpot theory.”  When pressed on the issue, Murphy addressed the recent phone call between Trump and the Georgia secretary of state.  Said Murphy:

An American president sitting in the Oval Office working the phones to subvert democracy for his personal benefit. Congress meets this Wednesday to accept the vote of the electoral college and thankfully there are enough Republicans to prevent the fevered dreams of a small band of right-wing extremists from succeeding. The voters have spoken. The courts have spoken. They just can’t accept that their guy lost decisively.  It pains me in particular to see one of our own representatives cynically siding with conspiracy theorists.

This is what a new GOP should look like- the response to Murphy from Van Drew’s campaign manager:

It’s good to see Phil Murphy taking a break from killing seniors in nursing homes and destroying our friends and neighbors’ livelihoods long enough to refer to hundreds of thousands of his constituents as crackpot conspiracy theorists simply because they want to have the confidence he continues to deny them in the outcome of our elections…Van Drew has been clear from day one that his opposition to certifying the results of the Electoral College isn’t about who won or lost the Presidency, but rather a rejection of the status quo and a no confidence vote in politicians like Phil Murphy who rather dismiss Americans as naive, stupid, or conspiracy theorists in comments exactly like the one he gave today rather than doing the job they were elected and continually fail to do.

So what are the facts and what is conspiracy theory here?  According to NJ.com, more than 45% of the state’s total coronavirus deaths occur in nursing homes.  As of the December 18, 2020 statistics, the unemployment rate in the state stands at a whopping 10.2%, or dead last in the country.  On the very day Murphy spewed his words of wisdom against Van Drew, the state department of labor saw an uptick in the number of initial unemployment claims.  To make matters worse, that same department is hamstrung and does not how to implement the federal relief extension.  In New Jersey, due to Murphy’s orders, it is estimated that anywhere between 28% and 31.2% of small businesses have closed shop for good.

The funny thing is that as Murphy does his best Biden imitation with his mask mandates and closure edicts, things are not getting better.  The number of cases requiring hospitalization are actually increasing.  Some hospitals- especially in the cesspool northern part of the state- are starting to feel the strain.  Of course, part of the problem is the hysteria where people would rather run to the emergency room than their local doctor or urgent care center because they have the sniffles.

I am not going to get into the “conspiracy theory” accusations.  Any questioning of the outcome of the election is a “conspiracy theory” today.  Funny thing though: it wasn’t when a Democrat questioned, contested, or protested the outcome of an election when a Republican won.

Instead of wading into national politics, Murphy should stick to killing New Jersey businesses and senior citizens.  He does a much better job in those categories than being yet another parrot talking head for the Democrats… with a squirrel face.

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