The Top 20 Most Cringeworthy Woke Happenings of 2020, Part 1

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The year 2020 sure was fun-filled, eh?  We had an impeachment trial, a pandemic and lockdown, racial unrest, protests in the streets and a virtual Presidential election all rolled into a single year.  This confluence of events brought out some of the wokest of the woke social justice warriors.  Here, I present in two parts, the 20 most woke and virtue signaled stories of the year- some covered by the mainstream media, some covered on the pages of Redstate, and some simply ignored or under-the-radar.  So…here we go:

#20: The Minneapolis City Council- it is easy to pick on their mayor, Jacob Frey, but the city council is composed of 14 Democrats and one Green (a/k/a Democrat) that voted to “defund the police to be replaced by “reimagined public safety.”  However, three members hired private security charged to the city at a cost of $4,500/day.  The president of the council Lisa Bender even said calling the police to your home “comes from a place of privilege.”  With carjackings up 537% and violent crime overall 17%, this is truly wokism at its finest.

#19. Disney/Hulu- Disney (which controls Hulu, by the way) decided to slap ridiculously long warnings on classic animated features like Lady and the Tramp and Dumbo.  In the Aristocats, there are two mean, singing Siamese cats so you can see the problem.  It depicts Asians in a negative light.  Likewise with Jungle Book and Indians, although I believe the movie is more demeaning to King Louie, the orangutan.  Now for the best part: most kids who watch the movies cannot even read the long-winded warnings.  For their part, Hulu canceled episodes of several television comedies because of the mortal sin of comedy blackface in the past.

#18. Nickelodeon- Not to be outdone by Disney, the network that brings you mainly cartoons brought you nine minutes of a black screen flashing “I can’t breathe” with a countdown at the top of the screen.  Apparently designed to have hapless kids run to their parents and be taught the insidiousness of systemic racism vis-a-vis George Floyd, they likely used the nine minutes to find some nachos and salsa before the next episode of SpongeBob Squarepants came on.

#17. Severed White Heads- The popular social media platform Instagram featured a piece of art featuring two grotesquely obese black women holding the severed heads of white victims.  Worse yet, Instagram failed to slap a warning on it or take it down, describing it as “artistic expression.”  Now imagine if two grotesquely naked white women were depicted with the severed heads of two black people.  Apparently, since the Kathy Griffin incident, decapitation is all the artistic rage provided the decapitated head is that of a white person.

#16. The Purge of Mozart- Slate magazine offered up an essay to argue that exclusively using the last name of famous classical composers contributes to an atmosphere of “systemic prejudice, exclusion, sexism, and racism.”  Some music professors actually stayed awake all night wondering why some composers like Mozart and Brahms were known only by their last names.  They happened upon a groundbreaking revelation: they are all WHITE.  Looked at in reverse: someone in the future may wonder why people like Beyonce, Ellen and Oprah were only known by their first names.

#15. Latinx- Spanish, the language, is- as any school kid can tell you- a gendered language and that is where the problem starts.  Hence, create a word- Latinx to include “gender nonconforming Latin Americans.”  Quick to show how woke they were, Vox, Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and Vice quickly adopted the term although not a single one of them knows how to pronounce the damn thing.  However, the worst thing is that only 3% of Latinos use the term and 65% do not want the term used ever…at all… to describe them.

#14. Late Night “Comedy-”  Perhaps SNL is the most indicative of the lot, but their virtue signaling wokeness has spread faster than the Wuhan flu across late night television.  It’s hard to discern any single transgressor.  Should it be Jimmy Fallon apologizing for the blackface skit twenty years ago?  How about Colbert literally crying about Trump?  Forget Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver (two of whom have obnoxious accents and the other an obnoxious face) since they are hopelessly woke.  As one person once put it, they make Jay Leno look like George Carlin.

#13. The Smithsonian- That’s right- the premier series of museums supported by your tax paying dollars.  During the height of the George Floyd riots, the National Museum of African-American Heritage and Culture ( a lot of words) received a lot of website visits, especially the page titled, “Whiteness.”  It should come as a surprise that the following characteristics define “whiteness:” self-reliance, nuclear family, the scientific method, delaying gratification, ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’, competitiveness and justice based on protecting property and English common law.  I fail to see the “problem.”

#12. The Oscars- They did a two-fer in 2020 by starting the year concentrating on the environment and ending it by concentrating on diversity.  To show they were serious about climate change, they offered plant-based foods instead of those from animals at their annual luncheon and all functions associated with the yearly slap on the backs they give themselves.  Then, by 2024 any movie to be eligible for the top prize must have a significant starring role- lead or supporting- for a person of color or other “under-represented minority” (a/k/a likely LGBTQ to the power of infinity).  One person not upset is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who will now have any of his movies move up to the front of the line.

#11. George Soros District Attorneys- We are seeing the fruits of Soros throwing money at getting district attorneys elected which started about seven years ago.  Two cases illustrate the wokeness of these people: Diana Becton in Contra Costa County, California (how’s that for alliteration?) who had two people arrested under a hate crime statute for painting over a BLM sign.  The second is Kim Gardner in St. Louis who not only released every rioter in the city, but then went after a white couple who waved a gun at rioters approaching their property.  Ironically, those riots which Gardner turned her back on resulted in the death of a retired black police captain protecting a store from looters.  Way to go, Kim.

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