A Parting Shot From Certified Asshat, Justin Amash

A Parting Shot From Certified Asshat, Justin Amash
(Carly Geraci/Kalamazoo Gazette-MLive Media Group via AP)

If the Democrats have Tulsi Gabbard to deal with in the lame duck Congressional session, the GOP has or had Justin Amash of Michigan to deal with.  They both share one thing in common- neither will be representing their districts come January, 2021.  Unlike Gabbard who remained in the Democrat Party, Amash jumped ship amidst the impeachment nonsense and became technically the first Libertarian Party member of Congress.  Facing the political reality he would not win reelection in 2020 as either a Libertarian or if he came crying back to the GOP, he opted- thankfully- for retirement.

While Gabbard has been co-sponsoring bills defining women as women and men as men in college athletics, supporting a pain-capable ban on abortion (that is, following the science), and voting against and vocally opposing the $600 pittance thrown at every American in the alleged Covid relief bill (relief for the Kennedy Center, that is), Amash has introduced a bill in Congress that should have the likes of AOC and her squad in orgasmic delight.  Just the names of the bills are the equivalent of political dildos to the Squad: the Protect Asylum Seekers Act, and Practical Alternatives to Detention Act.

One should not be surprised that Amash took this route since his financial backing comes from the Cato Institute which is beholden to the corporate GOP.  If ever enacted, illegal immigrants would be detained at the border, given an ankle monitor, then released into the public.  Ignorant of the fact that ICE already does this, it is no doubt a financial boom to the makers of ankle monitors.  As for the illegals, the snip of wire cutters, tossing the monitor in a trash can and heading for the nearest sanctuary city seems to be the norm.

This likely comes on news out of the Biden transition that instead of reforming immigration laws through legislation in his first 100 days, he has decided to move more slowly to avoid a rush of “2 million people at our border.”  This is the most lucid thing Biden has uttered since entering the race.  Apparently, “Dr.” Jill Biden adjusted the meds just enough for now.  However, that possibility is a veritable wet dream for AOC and the democratic socialists.  In the wake of Biden’s sudden about face on the issue, it is ironic that the most irate are AOC and her minions, and the corporate GOP.

Amash is taking his parting shot against the GOP by turning his back on and closing his ears to the constituents of his legislative district which is 84% white working class people.  He can take this stance because there will be no backlash against him.  He will likely leave DC, head for home, type out a resume and mail it to the Cato Institute where he will eventually find a home.

The silver lining is that Justin Amash will remain a blip on the radar, and little else.  May the door hit him on his ass on the way out.  Good riddance!

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