A Look Back at 2020 With Some Awards Thrown In

A Look Back at 2020 With Some Awards Thrown In
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With 2020 nearing its end, it pays to look back at the year that brought us an impeachment trial, a pandemic that swept the world, violent (er…mostly peaceful) protests in the streets, and a wild and fraudulent Presidential election.  I’ve decided to look back at “the year that was” by handing out awards.  So here we go:

The Grim Reaper Award

In a runaway vote, this award just had to go to New York governor Andrew Cuomo who had the audacity to go on a book tour touting his achievements including locking elderly people in nursing homes and exposing them to the Wuhan flu and, ultimately, death.  While the Left portrays Trump as a mass killer, more certified dead bodies lie at the feet of the New York governor who looks like one of those stop-action claymation figures.

The Best Governor Award

This came in as a tie as certified badass South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem refused to lockdown her state or mandate that her constituents wear a Biden feedbag on their faces.  Noem ties with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who also held back criticisms of his handling of the flu and although not as open as South Dakota, nevertheless bucked the trend by following the science.

Most Unwelcome Personality

Without any doubt, this award goes to Dr. Anthony Fauci who no one heard of before 2020 unless you were a public health aficionado.  The lilliputian doctor and “expert” epidemiologist was all over the map trying to save his job and the world.  His “follow the science” crap was nothing but following the politics, not the science.  This little twerp needs to fade into history.

Unsung Heroes

Some would give the award to the numerous faceless frontline workers at the forefront of the battle against the Wuhan flu- first responders, nurses, doctors, and hospital workers.  However, in my eyes, the real unsung heroes are the real scientists who labored in laboratories developing a vaccine for the Wuhan flu and brought one online smashing any previous speed record.  We will likely never hear the names of those workers, but they are the real heroes.

Hard Knock Unsung Hero

While CNN was broadcasting “mostly peaceful” BLM/Antifa protests with burning buildings in the background, another true reporter was bringing us up close and personal with the violence in several states over the summer.  I am talking about the intrepid Andy Ngo who has literally been attacked and beaten for his fearless true journalism.  Thus, he has been “hard knocked.”

Biggest Cry Babies

This was another runaway winner in my book: TEACHERS.  State-mandated school closures allowed for remote learning.  Attempts to reopen schools was met by fearful recalcitrant teachers who learned to adapt to remote learning by sipping a good chardonnay off-screen while they Zoom taught their students from home.  They managed to turn a generation of stupid kids into a generation of really stupid kids.  Word of advice: reopen the damn schools and actually earn that paycheck!

Best Republican Politician of 2020 in DC

This could go one of three ways as the competition was fierce, but the award has to go to Texas Senator Ted Cruz who beat out Josh Hawley and President Trump.  Wading into every “controversy” out there, his short, acerbic tweets hit harder than those of Trump… plus they’re humorous.

Worst Republican Politician of 2020 in DC

We have to go with everyone’s whipping boy here at RedState- Utah Senator Mitt Romney whose ability to virtue signal in 2020 knew no bounds.  We get it, Mittens- you don’t like Trump.  But what Romney does not seem to understand, there are a lot of real Republicans and real conservatives who don’t like Mitt Romney.  This relic of the past with wavy good hair has no place in conservatism or the GOP.  Unfortunately, we’re stuck with this ass until 2024.

Best Democrat Politician of 2020 in DC

Hmmm… a tough one between Jeff Van Drew (NJ-2) who, in the wake of the impeachment nonsense, switched parties to the GOP, and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.  Since Van Drew is now technically a Republican, by default the award goes to Gabbard.  Besides, she has nicer legs.

Worst Democrat Politician of 2020 in DC

Everyone not named Tulsi Gabbard.

Scariest Villain of the Year

Another tough decision, but the award has to go to Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer whose newfound powers in the face of a pandemic brought out her inner Mussolini.  With a little green makeup, she’d make a great Wicked Witch of the West.

Biggest Villain of the Year

The vote counters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.  “Fraud?  What fraud?”  I get that they have their reputation at stake and all that, but come on!

Conservative Turncoat of the Year

By winning this award, one has to question whether this person was “conservative” from the get-go.  Methinks, probably not.  Having the uncanny ability to tie himself in legalese logical pretzels in order to either avoid something or reach a desired result, the award goes to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

 Karma is a Bitch Award

It appears that one of the biggest propagators of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was literally in bed with a Chinese spy!  That’s right- this award goes to California Congressional something Eric Swalwell, the Dexter of politics.  Will he suffer any consequences?  With Pelosi having his back and the media generally silent on the issue, not likely.  If Ted Kennedy can get away with being a KGB asset, some do-nothing Congressman from California who thought with the junk between his legs will get a pass also.

Biggest Loser of the Year

Chris Wallace of Fox News who “moderated” the first presidential debate and in 90 minutes managed to solidify his place in the NeverTrump cabal of losers.  His obvious favoritism showed everything that is wrong with the media today and why they are not trusted any more.  As a result, he managed to shun viewers away from the “fair and balanced” network in droves.

Person of the Year

If Time magazine can name two people “person” of the year, we here at RedState can go one further.  Actually, 74,224, 500 better since the award goes to every voter who cast a ballot for Donald Trump in the presidential election, thus rejecting the woke socialism of Biden/Harris and their puppet masters.

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