Making Oneself "Feel" Better While Making a Fool of Oneself

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OK- I get it!  There is a ton of frustration and anger out there on the Right over the “results” of the 2020 presidential election.  As a result, there is inevitable silly talk and conjecture out there also: Trump will not leave the White House on January 20th, Trump will declare martial law and a redo of the election, etc. etc.  Folks- it ain’t happening!

Trump is not even going to declare martial law selectively in states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan- the epicenters of obvious fraudulent actions and actors.  The talk and conjecture is nothing short of wishful thinking born of frustration.

I get it and I empathize and I believe the election was “stolen.”  The evidence is there and the final chapter in that book has yet to be written.

This is like the five stages of grief.  We are currently in a melded state of denial and anger.  That is what spurs this talk of martial law and such.  I expect us soon to enter the bargaining stage: what went wrong?  Should we have been more attune to the fraud of the Left?  Could we have done something sooner?  If we only we had tried harder…  This is followed by depression, or the ultimate realization that Trump will no longer be President come January 21st.  That depression will be confirmed when Biden assumes the Oval Office and sets into motion the socialist agenda of his puppet-masters.

According to one source, the final stage- acceptance is described thus:

Reaching this stage of grieving is a gift not afforded to everyone. Death may be sudden and unexpected or we may never see beyond our anger or denial. It is not necessarily a mark of bravery to resist the inevitable and to deny ourselves the opportunity to make our peace. This phase is marked by withdrawal and calm. This is not a period of happiness and must be distinguished from depression.

For the true conservative, acceptance of a Biden presidency should never be perceived as a “gift afforded to everyone.”  Further, in contradiction to that definition cited above, it must be an act of bravery to resist the inevitable.  There must be no peace with a Biden administration or agenda.

However, postulating events that will not happen is not the way to wage the upcoming war against the Biden/socialist agenda because make no mistake, we are facing a Biden/socialist administration.

In a previous posting, I wrote that Trump should never concede defeat because concession infers a stamp of approval on the outcome.  Nor should the many, many supporters of Trump concede defeat and accept a Biden presidency as legitimate.  For four long years, the Left has shown us how to delegitimize an election.  Stealing a page from their playbook is not a bad thing.

Instead of drowning in sorrow and conjuring up visions through tear-filled eyes of civil war, martial law, and tanks somehow surrounding the White House keeping Biden out, the fifth stage of acceptance is solved, ironically, by non-acceptance.  How do we non-accept?

First, through the tools given us- elections.  We hold the Senate and improve on gains made in the House.  The battle begins now and the first skirmish is in Georgia.  We use everything at our disposal to kill the aspirations of Ossoff and Warnock.  We then move onto gubernatorial battles in Virginia and New Jersey, and off-year state-level legislative battles.  Even if we do not “win,” we bloody the opponent.

Second, assuming the voters of Georgia do what is right AND there is not a repeat of the fraud, we use every tool at our disposal in the Senate to block whatever Leftist nonsense comes their way.  Every Biden judicial appointment is scrutinized and pilloried.  We take a page from the Leftist handbook and expose them to the same disgusting level of scrutiny afforded Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Third, we purge the likes of Mitt Romney and we can start to clean up the GOP by ousting Lisa Murkowski come 2022.  Screw the Max Boots, George Wills and Steve Schmidts of the world.  They should be buried in a mound of conservative excrement and never heard from again.

Fourth, we promote rancor in the ranks of the enemy and use every tool in the Alinsky play book- ridicule, strike and move onto the next target, etc.  Keep the recall pressure on Leftist goons like Gavin Newsom and a few more protests outside the home of Whitmer or Cuomo can garner some attention.  The media will portray the Right in a bad light regardless of what is done so there is nothing to lose on that front. A few “anonymously sourced” articles about a Biden administration could help in this area.

Instead of mourning, we fight!  We obstruct!  We do anything and everything necessary to win at the local, state, and national levels!  We use the tools and the loopholes in those tools to win!  We need to start acting and fighting like our counterparts on the Left.

The election of 2020 is a clarion call not to martial law or civil war or anything else postulated out there in the media or blogosphere.  It is a call to battle.  We have seen the lengths to which the Left will go to install a puppet in the Oval Office.  All the other talk is just background noise not rooted in reality.  It is wishful thinking, and not very well thought-out wishful thinking at that.

Dead and non-resident “people” and manufactured votes handed this election to Biden.  That should make every American of every political stripe mad.  More importantly, more than 74 million Americans legitimately cast a ballot for Trump.  That is quite a formidable army one starts with to carry forth this battle.  Mobilizing that army through realistic means- not these other fanciful visions that dance in the heads of some people- is an important step.

We cannot and should not let this moment in electoral history go to waste no matter how much we dislike or fail to accept the “outcome.”  Biden “won;” Trump “lost.”  That is the reality!  Now the question is what do we realistically do about it?

But first, cease the irrational thoughts and suggestions that emanate from anger.  Correct the wrong that was perpetrated on this country and the electoral process, but the answer is not martial law or overt civil war.  For those who advocate otherwise, they run the risk of making a bad situation even worse.  It is these people who make the Left’s job just that much easier in demonizing the Right.  They may as well be a “journalist” with CNN or the New York Times.

Of course, if they (the Left) want to actually start a shooting war …

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