Retaking the Country- A True "Noble Cause"

AP Photo/Morry Gash

Well, the Democrats/Socialists/Left have managed to win a presidential election and one can expect the Biden administration to begin the process of undoing the Executive Orders that Trump put in place soon after being sworn in.  Already, we know that the open borders crowd is drooling at the thought of a Biden presidency, and expect to see more “refugees” from s***-hole countries entering the United States.

Obama once said that “elections have consequences.”  In the minds of the Left, those “consequences” were transformed into punishment of the political opposition.  Given the hatred that dominated the Left for four long years, get ready for payback against the deplorables.  The talk of unity is a sham.

One has to recognize who the teachers of the hatred are: the media.  From the day Trump was sworn in, we have not witnessed such a display of propaganda since the days of Joseph Goebbels.  Instead of demonizing Jews, the Goebbels of today demonized Trump and his followers proving that the legacy media is simply the propaganda arm of the Democrats.  They taught hate, spread lies, fabricated stories and disseminated disinformation to an unsuspecting public.  It transformed into a press that was no longer unbiased or free, and who refused to investigate the most odious aspects of corruption of the man who would be president in 2021.

The true legacy of the Obama administration, which Biden is reconstructing, was not Obamacare or DACA.  It was a weird, corrupt sense of values that transformed places like the State Department, the intelligence services, and the FBI/DOJ into authoritarian and corrupt political organizations.  Obama learned well from Saul Alinsky and the corrupt Chicago Democrat/Socialist machine.

Instead of exposing the transgressions of spying on American citizens, the government under Obama covered it up and took it to new levels citing “noble causes” for doing so.  They colluded with the intelligence and law enforcement communities to affect the 2016 election to their desired outcome.  They nurtured the Deep State and they managed to deepen it further.

For Obama, it was “noble cause corruption-” it is necessary to punish and destroy your enemy because they are a bad person.  Unfortunately, President Trump could not break the Obama deepened state.  They held their own while engaging in a systematic program of misinformation, half-truths, and lies.  They- not you or Trump- knew what is best for the country and what is best is protecting the apparatus they set into motion.  When you then protect that apparatus through a compliant press, you can understand what Trump was up against all along.

You want proof?  Where are the indictments against James Comey for lying under oath?  Where is the outrage and legal consequences against Brennan and others for illegal searches and illegal indictments?  On these very pages we are reminded what a “pit bull” or “stand-up guy” people like Durham is (or was), but what has he produced?  Anyone who believes Barr- by naming Durham a “special counsel” in October- will place a Biden DOJ in a difficult situation has another thing coming.  Does anyone believe the Left is shaking in their boots?  They managed to fraudulently win an election.  Killing an investigation is small potatoes.

Our Founders fought among themselves to form a more perfect union that resulted in a series of compromises that, in turn, gave birth to a system of checks and balances.  They relied on individual freedoms and the free exchange of differing ideas far removed from the chains of censorship.  Today, we stand on the precipice of undoing what our Founders intended- the election of a puppet of a centralized government.

For about 120 years, this country has slowly and silently been infiltrated by the scourge of socialism.  Has it advanced so far now that we are to throw our hands up and walk away from the fight?  Or did the election of 2020 convince enough people that the Left will stop at nothing when it comes to winning in order to advance their cause?

As for the NeverTrump crowd and Lincoln Project/Bulwarkians and other grifters who at one time attached their names to conservatism (too numerous to mention), the doors of conservatism are forever closed and locked.  They cast their lot with Biden and all he will unleash on this country.

The battle lines have been drawn and the first skirmish occurs on January 5th, 2021 in Georgia.  To all those people spouting the lines of “boycott,” they should just join the NeverTrump crowd.  A House in control of Pelosi and a Senate in control of Schumer, or Schumer/Harris, should scare the living hell out of everyone who calls themselves “American.”

We must keep and further gains made at the local level in municipalities and states.  Come 2022, we must increase our gains in the House and even overtake the Democrats while keeping the Senate.  And we must hurt the advertising dollars that allow the propaganda machine of the Democrats/socialists to have a voice.  We must send a resounding message to the social media giants that we will not tolerate their censorship, checkmarks, and fact-checking through either boycott or formation and utilization of alternative social media.  We must support the fewer and fewer conservative outlets and their owners wherever possible.

For the sake of the country, we must fight as committed and as dirty as the Left.  That is the true “noble cause.”  This is not only a fight for the country; it is a fight for civilization as we know it.

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