Tulsi Gabbard: What's Her Endgame Here?

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Over the past week, Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has graced the pages of Redstate at least twice- once over her co-sponsorship of a bill designating women’s sports for women, not men who identify as being women, and over her introduction of a bill in Congress protecting pain-sensitive unborn life from the demonic hand of the abortion mill.  In these two instances, this writer believes these are efforts worthy of conservative praise.  But it begs the questions why now, and for what purposes?

There are, I believe, three other instances where Ms. Gabbard has excelled.  The first was in 2016 when she resigned her position of leadership in the DNC in a kerfuffle with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the rigging of the nomination process in favor of the Crone of Chappaqua.  Although a principled stance, we have to put it in perspective.  She did so because she believed her preferred nominee- Bernie Sanders- was being wronged.  No doubt he was, but it as, after all, Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist.  On balance, that was a net zero.

It does not take much research to see her stances on issues.  She wants to end cash bail, supports free college tuition, wants to abolish the Electoral College, is tacitly in favor of Medicare For All, and has supported Leftist tax increases.  Some of this is more recent in the heat of the 2020 Democrat nomination fight where she necessarily tacked to the Left.

Speaking of which, one thing we should thank Gabbard for is a few minutes during a debate where she effectively ended Kamala Harris’ aspirations to be President.  Although Harris ended up with the booby prize and may eventually take the top prize after the puppet is deposed by the Grim Reaper or 25th Amendment, Gabbard gave the Right some breathing room in 2020.

Another area where Gabbard excels is in the area of foreign policy- specifically, needless continuous, endless wars.  On this, I believe, being a veteran deployed to the Middle East, Gabbard saw firsthand that nation-building and the exportation of democracy in areas with no concept of the term was a futile and costly endeavor in American lives and money.  She shares nothing in common with the neoconservatives within the GOP and their bastard wannabes in the Democrat Party and, apparently, a prospective Biden administration.

So what is Gabbard’s game here with her recent moves in Congress?  It is easy to dismiss them as those of a lame duck member of the House; she did not seek reelection in 2020.  So, as this writer sees it, Gabbard has three options.  First, she will remain active in Democrat circles by trying to tame the more radical elements in the Party.  Call this the Reform From Within strategy.  But, in order to do that, she must have some gravitas within the Party and as it is now, she is persona non grata. 

Second, is she positioning herself for a future gubernatorial run?  She still has a name in her native Hawaii and is familiar with Hawaii politics having served in their legislature and on the Honolulu City Council.  Or, is she positioning herself for a future Presidential run as a lone wolf voice of “reason” within a Democrat Party overtaken by socialists?  Is she counting on a Biden presidency burning itself down where she sweeps in as a savior?  Or, perhaps, she may even run as an independent or third party candidate and play a spoiler in some states siphoning votes away from Kamala Harris in 2024.

Third, some have suggested, based on her recent actions, Gabbard might have a home in the GOP.  She was one of a few Democrats who accepted Trump’s victory in 2016 and even visited him in Trump Tower- a move that got her pilloried by #TheResistance at the time.  However, one should be wary of such a move.  In the 2020 Democrat presidential sweepstakes, her views aligned with most of the field, but one- foreign policy.  Unlike Democrats Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Colin Peterson of Minnesota, she lacked the fortitude of voting against Trump’s impeachment and instead voted “Present-”  neither a “yes” or a “no.”

In any case, Tulsi Gabbard can serve a purpose- perhaps not within the GOP itself, but in a larger nature.  From everything this writer has read about her and her background, and despite the necessary virtue-signaling pablum stated on the 2020 presidential campaign trail, Gabbard is, at heart, socially conservative and fiscally liberal.  We can use a voice on their side who realizes a woman is a woman and a man a man.  We can use and amplify a voice on their side who realizes the barbarity of abortion, even if she is self-professed “pro-choice.”  We can use a voice on their side who, through experience, realizes the idiocy of endless wars, nation-building, and exporting democracy abroad.  We can use a dose of realism on their side, at least in foreign policy and some social issues.

Perhaps, Tulsi Gabbard really believes that cash bail should be abolished and that Medicare for All is the panacea for what is wrong with the American healthcare system.  And maybe she truly believes that nuclear energy should be abolished and everything else on the Left’s fiscal wishlist.

To this writer, one of the major things that distinguishes the Left from the Right in the area of social issues is abortion.  If we gain an ally like Gabbard in the fight as evidenced by her recent legislative effort, then there might be hope yet for at least “one of them.”

My initial reaction is that Gabbard has nowhere to go, hence nothing to lose.  The legislation she introduced or co-sponsored is going nowhere in a Pelosi-led House.  But the question remains: Why now and why this?  Is she simply letting her socially-conservative side shine through for gain somewhere down the political road?

In whatever case, it pays to hold your friends close… and your enemies, if she is one, even closer.  A wise, winning politician said that.

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