Continuing the Battle that Trump Waged (And Is Waging)

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Let me start this with a bold statement: Donald Trump was the greatest thing for conservatism since William F. Buckley.  That includes Ronald Reagan and all the intellectuals of conservatism like William Sowell and others.  Whereas Buckley was primarily motivated by a hatred of Communism, Trump was motivated primarily by a love of America.  That is not to suggest that Buckley did not love America, but the conservatism he extolled occurred in a different time and era- the Cold War.  Trump had no Cold War to wage- just the progeny of those on the losing side of Buckley’s war, the Left.  In many ways, they are more insidious than the Soviets ever were.

What does this have to do with the election of 2020?  When Biden entered the fray, he said it was a battle for the soul of the Nation.  He was correct although his reasoning and the Charlottesville references were misguided and wrong.  It goes beyond the events in that Virginia city in 2017 back to 1787 when our Founders met in Philadelphia to hammer out a “more perfect Union.”  Everything we know from the debates, notes and the final document is that they never intended for the new country to be run by mob rule, identity politics, or political correctness.

What the election of 2020 exposed was the lengths to which the Left will go to secure power.  The Electoral College may very well name Biden president-elect, but the genie is out of the bag.  Thanks to the Left and Democrats (one and the same), the term “stolen” has entered the political lexicon.  The nearest analogy in American in political history was the Corrupt Bargain that denied Andrew Jackson the presidency and handed it to John Quincey Adams and that did not end too well for Adams.  It is not only a stolen election that is at stake; it is a stolen country that will be transformed into a politically correct, feminist, transgender, socialist wasteland.

Post-election polling has shown that many Republicans and even many Democrats now believe there were voting irregularities and perhaps outright fraud in the election.  These same polls show that the media has sunk to new lows in terms of popularity.  The so-called “Fourth Estate” is really the Fourth Column of the Leftist takeover, echoing the lines fed to them by Big Tech and China.  Even Fox News has capitulated to the Left which furthers the entrenchment on the Right.  Outlets that now dare question the legitimacy of the election and the prospect of a Biden presidency are censored.

One need only look at the Left and their reaction to the apparent and obvious fraud that created the results of the election.  What if they had said, “Hey, maybe there is something askew here and we should look into it so that it never happens again.”  In short, they could have acted like adults.  Instead, they acted like a thief caught in the act with constant denials, pushback, obfuscation and, eventually, the petulant child who was caught in some nefarious act sticking his fingers in his ears, yelling and running to his room (or basement).

The legitimacy of the entire system set up in 1787 is predicated upon the orderly transition of power which is grounded in the unspoken faith in the fairness of the electoral process.  With that faith now broken, it appears the underpinnings of that great experiment in democracy known as America is also broken.  The Biden “victory” and the steps taken to ensure that he won has transformed America from a first-class democracy to something below that standard.

As for Biden, no one believes him either.  He will fade into obscurity.  The man cannot even negotiate a rug in a hallway to avoid a broken foot.  Family issues, like a laptop in possession of his son, Hunter, will likely bring about a Kamala Harris presidency.  In the end, the dope was a dupe- a figurehead and just likable enough that they could hide him away in a basement.  This was possible because the plan all along was to win by hook or crook.

The Left, which celebrated the Biden victory, are now back to criticizing Trump.  The longer the accusations of electoral fraud are out there, the more people believe that something strange happened in this election.  While the media says that the Trump team has no evidence- those infamous warnings on Facebook and Twitter postings- the images of sworn affidavits, xeroxed ballots, trucks of ballots delivered in the dead of night,  videos of poll watchers being ushered out, etc. still seep out to the public.

The easiest thing to do would be to just sigh and accept Biden as president.  That is what the normal course of action would be.  But, this election was not normal.  Trump may be fighting for his political life and another four years in the Oval Office, but more importantly he is like the Cold Warrior of old fighting for the soul of the Nation.  That soul is rooted in the integrity and fairness of the electoral system and all the processes associated with it.  The election of 2020 put a knife in that soul.

It is incumbent upon everyone who dare call themselves a “conservative” to carry on the fight after January 20, 2021.  If the Left succeeded in stealing an election for a senile figurehead in November 2020, they will not stop there.  This is no time for retrenchment or acceptance.  Donald Trump showed us how to fight and, more importantly, how to win.  We need a groundswell of resistance to the obstacle placed in the way by the Left- the illegitimately elected president Biden.

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