Farewell to the Sexist, Racist President Trump

This writer believes that President Trump has some character flaws.  To proclaim otherwise would be ignorance of reality.  The media, however, would have you believe that he is raving mad sociopath beyond redemption and, in the process, leading the country down to the road to ruin.  It has been that way since about two days after he won the election in 2016.

It is doubtful that if Trump were to literally walk on water, the media would portray it in a positive light.  Instead, there would be a multitude of headlines proclaiming Trump was a bad swimmer.  But, the daily hit jobs may have reached a point of no return.  Check any mainstream media site or aggregator and see how many are positive towards Trump.  You would have to look long and hard and still likely find nothing.

Let’s take a couple of examples starting with the latest drooling over Biden’s selection of the “first” all female White House communications team regardless of the fact they are all (1) loser hacks with a vagina and (2) Trump’s White House communications team is dominated and led by…women!  But the misogynist, sexist pig in the White House narrative rules the day.  Some of it is that the women in the Trump White House do not meet the Left’s/mainstream media’s definition of “women” in that they may be conservative.  Tom Nichols of The Atlantic noted that a large portion of the electorate opted for the “sociopath” (Trump) after launching into a litany of sins against the “sisterhood” on the part of Trump.

Is Trump a sexist?  You couldn’t tell by the number of women in powerful positions including one “first” Biden cannot lay claim to- the first female head of the CIA, whether you like her or not.  He did not have to name a woman to replace Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, but he did.  Yes…yes… Stormy Daniels and all that from a previous life.  But, after Trump, at least there will not be any speculation about mysterious stains on the blue dresses of 22-year-old White House interns.

Think about that: When the serial philanderer (it is understandable given what he was married to) Bill Clinton left the White House, his approval rating stood at a whopping 68%.  What if the media vilified Clinton one-quarter of how they vilified Trump?  Instead, he managed to build the Clinton Foundation empire which, ironically, accepted donations from countries notoriously known for suppressing women’s rights.

Surprisingly, when the Crown Prince of Camelot- JFK- although no females were to be found in his cabinet or his communications team, there were still enough around for him to occasionally unzipper his pants.  And, it should be noted, Jacqueline Kennedy was infinitely more attractive than Hillary Clinton.  At least Bill had/has some excuse for his libido in overdrive; JFK did not.  Yet, although Kennedy’s extramarital trysts are the stuff of legend, he nevertheless goes down as a “great President.”

Ah, but if not sexist, then surely Trump is racist, right?  The media cannot be wrong twice, right?

The facts suggest otherwise.  No other Republican in history got more blacks to get off the Democrat plantation than Donald Trump.  Not Reagan, not Nixon, not even Eisenhower, or the twice incarnations of the Bush family.  Hell, even 35% of Hispanics voted for the racist guy.

Perhaps that is because Trump managed some meaningful work for the black and Hispanic communities.  Unemployment rates were historically low across all minority demographics.  Wages for these groups also rose at the fastest rate in over a decade which includes eight years of leadership by a black president.  Where did these rumors of Trump’s racism originate?  Over his proposal to build a wall on the southern border.  That is their proof, plain and simple.  It stems from this statement:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have a lot of problems, and they’re bringing those problems…. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

He was, at that point, branded a ranting lunatic xenophobe when, in fact, he was drawing attention to the dangers of open borders.  He did not sugar-coat it in the politically correct pablum we came to expect from those running for President, but his point was no less pertinent.  How many stories have been buried by the media of illegal immigrants murdering, raping, engaging in drug trafficking, etc.?

There is one glimmer of hope and it is a propensity of the media that may be their ultimate undoing.  While they scowl and write bad things about Trump while hailing Biden, they are showing their true colors to even the most casual observer.  It is not just CNN,  but the many faces of NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News have saw a decline in viewership.  It all of mainstream media across the board.  Already, the “most trusted name in news” is a meme while “fair and balanced” has morphed into something else.  Americans have lost trust in the media.

And while many millions of Americans believe that they have been the real victims of massive electoral fraud, the more the media explains it away as “conspiracy theory,” the lower the ratings will sink.  The media will have only themselves to blame for it, but this writer believes they will somehow manage to blame someone else.

That “someone else” will be Donald Trump.

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