To What Ends?

We all know that the election of 2020 was a cluster-f*$! of major proportions.  The result is one of either massive electoral fraud, massive interference by courts and unelected officials, or the most inept handling of an election in American history.  While people like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are not helping the cause by puffing their chests, promising evidence of “Biblical” importance, and managing to attach their names to a long line of grifters, there are serious accusations that are being dismissed and pooh-poohed away by the mainstream media.

As it stands now, Biden has 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.  The goal is 270, so it is only 38 electoral votes that must be flipped.  The epicenters of controversy number six particular states- Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Let us discount Michigan as it is almost statistically impossible for Trump to overcome a deficit of over 154,000 votes even if 100,000 dead voters were imported from Cook County, Illinois.

Where does Trump stand the best chances?  In Pennsylvania with their 20 electoral votes, some legal ineptitude and a recalcitrant state supreme court and judiciary have created a perfect storm almost guaranteeing that only a “Hail Mary” pass at the last minute being thrown by the United States Supreme Court to the Trump campaign can change things.  Thus far, their silence on the issue may speak volumes.  As has been noted on these pages, two losses- one at the District Court level and one in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals- by the Trump people does not inspire confidence.  Generally speaking, the Court leaves interpretation of state law and state constitutions to state courts and state supreme courts.  That is, unless a serious Constitutional issue is raised which requires the Supreme Court to weigh in.

Unfortunately, the Trump legal team failed to produce the evidence necessary at the lower levels.  Although Alito might throw us a bone and issue an injunction, as requested, pending turning the issue over to the full Court, those two lower court losses may have caused too much bleeding to revive the corpse of a case.  It makes the accusations and assertions by the Trump campaign no less legitimate, which is unfortunate, since they will likely never be adjudicated in a court.  Thus, this writer puts the chances of Trump flipping this state very low.  Hence, we are leaving 36 electoral votes unaffected- Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Next up is Nevada and their six electoral votes.  Recent revelations of “buying votes” is clearly illegal.  Encouraging voters to cast a ballot by pro-Biden groups by offering gift cards in a raffle may be a unique way to get people to the polls, but it is also blatantly illegal.  The problem is what to do about it?  To enter the raffle, one had to submit their name and a picture of themselves voting.  Do we contact these entrants to the raffle, see who they voted for, then invalidate their votes?  Or, do we sanction the group(s) that did this?  The more likely scenario is that we do the latter.  There is no way in hell those votes- of which we do not know how many at this point- will make a difference in overcoming a 33,000 vote deficit… unless dead or non-resident people cast those ballots.  Even still, it is hard to believe that the number approximates 33,000.  With 42 electoral votes still in the Biden column, it comes down to Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona representing 37 electoral votes.

Even if Trump were to win cases in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, he realistically falls one electoral vote shy of victory.  It would appear that the Democrats/Left are not only good at stealing elections, they are good mathematicians.  In effect, Trump loses an election due to a lesser number of people he won by in 2016.  In that year, it was about 76,000 votes spread between Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  In 2020, it was 47,000 votes spread between Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

This does not infer that Trump should give up the fight and do everything within his legal and rhetorical power to soldier on.  And unless conservatives are willing to throw in the towel even though it appears the guy in our corner is fighting a losing battle in the ninth round of a ten-round fight, you are no conservative.  You never give up a fight because that “Hail Mary” upper cut may just bloody your opponent.  You may lose the title fight and your championship belt, but you walk away not knocked out, but your fate decided by biased “judges” which you have exposed.  Most importantly, you survive to fight another day.


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