The Death of Gov. Noem's Grandmother

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has received a lot of attention and adulation among conservatives largely over her handling of the Wuhan flu pandemic.  She is, in effect, the AntiCuomo, the opposite of Garcetti, and the non-Whitmer.  Of course, our betters in the media and the medical “experts” tell us she is the AntiChrist, right up there with Donald Trump for refusing to unnecessarily lockdown her state, Los Angeles-style.

But now they have some new ammunition against her- the death of her grandmother in a nursing home.  One TwitterNazi described her as an unfeeling “cyborg” for failing to do what other scare-mongers in Nw York, Michigan, New Jersey and California have done- lockdown the damn state, bitch!

Aldys Arnold, the grandmother in question, died on November 22nd and was buried on the 28th.  According to Yahoo News, the 98-year-old Arnold was in a nursing home in Estelline, South Dakota when she passed away.  The story also notes that between November 14th and 28th, twelve residents died of Covid-19 related causes.  The article then goes on to describe Noem’s response to the pandemic and note she has refused to institute a mask-wearing mandate in the state, instead leaving it to her constituents to decide whether to wear one or not.

A few important points that, amidst the attack on Noem’s policies, are in order.  First, the lack of a mask mandate seems to have the nannies knickers all twisted.  However, the nursing home in question had a strict mask mandate in place when she died and they also had strict social distancing protocols as recommended by the CDC.  Another vitally important point downplayed was the fact that the elder Ms. Arnold had tested negative for Covid-19.  But perhaps the most important fact downplayed is the fact that Ms. Arnold was 98 years old when she died.  That is years beyond the average life span of an American woman…in a nursing home…where 12 other people died from Covid-related reasons (perhaps not even Covid itself)… where masks were worn religiously.

Leftist rag, the Daily Beast, unlike Twitter had the decency to wait until she was buried to lend their two cents to the attack by christening Noem “Covid-19’s cartoon villain.”  The Beast article reluctantly reported that 12 people died despite the mask mandate indicating that masks apparently do not have some unknown supernatural powers.  It failed to mention that the families of the 12 who died actually praised the facility.  What they had left was Noem’s reluctance (their word: “failure”) to deliver a personal message to the families of the other 12 while she was grieving the death of her own grandmother.

Apparently, age 98 is no longer considered a “ripe old age.”  It is silly to suggest that a life that exceed the national life expectancy for women by two decades was a life “unnecessarily cut short.”  Covid or not, many people would like to live to such an age.  These buffoons are under the irrational assumption that humanity can somehow conquer death itself.  Maybe Biden “has a plan…”

Imagine if Noem had acted as the nannies wanted.  She would be fulfilling the age-old stereotype that a woman “rules” from the heart.  She would be attacked regardless, not because of her Covid response or lack thereof, but because she is a conservative female governor in a state most liberals cannot even find on a map.  Instead, Noem stood her ground and mocked Joe Biden invoking the words of Ronald Reagan: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

This prompted New York Times “journalist” Kurt Eichenwald to tweet out: “How many of the citizens of your state have to die before you recognize your ‘philosophy’ is killing people?”  Jonathan Lovitz, a gay rights activist, tweeted: “You’re a monster responsible for so many avoidable deaths.  You need to be brought up on charges ASAP.”  Yes- let’s lock up Governor Noem for not being a mask-mandating dictator.

While Noem is apparently killing off the residents of her own state, she is one of the few rational governors who has actually “followed the science.”  She has noted that plunging her state into economic depression would be a recipe for disaster causing even more deaths.  She looked around the country and saw that mask mandates did not stop the spread of the disease.  In fact, in many of these states, cases and deaths are soaring.  It is not that people are not taking it seriously; they’re wearing the damn masks and still contracting the virus.  Color me silly, but the science education in me tells me that mask mandates and wearing them are basically worth squat if everyone is complying and still contracting the disease.

More evidence, being censored, is emerging that the heavy-handed responses were based on faulty data from the start.  The lockdowns are hurting more people than they are saving.  Several scientists have banded together to question the draconian and totalitarian responses.

Noem is being raked over the Twitterati coals for having the audacity to respect the Constitutional rights of the residents of South Dakota.  But all these naysayers are eerily silent and selectively blind when their own are caught violating their dictates.  These Hitrlerian dictators like Gavin Newsom and his French Laundry dining extravaganza and the Democrat mayor of Austin, Texas jetting off to a condo in Mexico then telling his residents to stay at home or else get a free pass from those who would excoriate Noem.

Kristi Noem is correct in all she is doing, or not doing.  She needs to stand her ground, but there is one suggestion this writer would like to deliver.  When the New Yorkers, Californians, and others start to leave the mini-dictatorships under which they live, perhaps Noem should slam the state’s doors closed to them.

Yet another new low has been achieved by the Left: using the non-Covid death of a 98-year-old woman against a female Republican governor who has more sense in her little finger than in all the others combined.

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