There's Trouble A-Brewin' in the EU...and LGBTQ Is at the Epicenter

In the midst of a global pandemic, the European Union has decided to take up the cause of the LGBTQ community, or as they describe it- “LGBTIQ,” with the “I” standing for intersex, whatever the hell that is.  But first, a little background.

Members of the EU pay fealty to the government in Brussels.  In order to partake of the largesse of the EU, members must adhere to something called the Rule of Law.  Failure to abide by the Rule of Law gets you sanctioned not with harsh words and threats, but loss of funds.  The bureaucrats in Brussels and the leaders/parliament of the EU decide what the Rule of Law is and means.  This is where the gay community enters the scene.

Apparently, the Wuhan flu and the economic and public health calamity that ensued is not their primary concern, although they are gearing up for the aftermath with a huge financial package that would get member nations back on their feet.  That is, if they comply with the Rule of Law.  And what does this new rule within the Rule of Law entail?  It is nothing about free speech, an independent judiciary, or even opening your borders to murderous terrorists from Muslim countries.  It is about recognizing lesbianism, homosexuality, transgenderism, queerism, intersexualism, etc. as “normal.”

The problem is that two countries in particular- and this writer suspects more quietly- are blatantly opposed to the dictates from Brussels.  Those two countries are Poland and Hungary who, in other areas, have been gadflies in the EU dictatorial ointment.  The new strategy seems to be a direct threat against these two countries for their embrace of heteronormative behavior.  And what is that?  The belief that heterosexual relations are the norm.

Poland and Hungary (an unnamed others) hold the old-fashioned (to the elites in Brussels) belief that there are two sexes- male and female.  Granted, they recognize the equality of these two sexes and even have laws to protect and/or further that equality.  The only thing where they differ with Brussels is their belief that sex is not subjective.  They believe, correctly, that sex is binary and determined by XX or XY chromosomes.

Part of the EU’s strategy is to legalize same-sex (as they define “sex”) relationships and rights throughout their dominion.  Part of it is their established “rules of law” regarding hate crimes and hate speech.  It aims to recognize parental rights in same-sex relationships throughout the Union.  In the end, it is comply or lose money through sanctions because you are not following the Rule of Law.

The Hungarian delegation in Brussels is seeking a middle path and first seek consensus on basic definitions then leave it to individual members to decide their own path.  They are basically saying, “Leave us the hell alone when it comes to this issue.”  Mind you, it is not as if there are roving bands of government goons going around beating up homosexuals in these countries.  It is just that Poland and Hungary believe there are two sexes and nothing else.

But the EU is not seeking consensus.  They are also not entertaining any traditional views of sexual or family life.  They are seeking conformity, not diversity.  By holding out the threat of sanctions and loss of funds, the EU hopes to bend the people and governments of Poland and Hungary on issues of moral and intimate importance.  In effect, the EU in Brussels is acting like a colonial ruler and Poland and Hungary as colonial subjects.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is the voice of resistance in the EU to this latest action stating that values are more important than money.  What the EU really fears is that there are more people and governments who feel the same way sprinkled throughout the EU- perhaps not in woke countries like France and Germany, but in the aforementioned Poland and Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and others in Eastern or Central Europe.  To them, these woke edicts from Brussels are a direct slap in the face to their beliefs and way of life.

Europe needs more leaders like Orban to speak up and tell Brussels to shove it.


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