The Media, Trump, and Obama

Former president Barack Obama has “written” yet another book called “A Promised Land,” and like all “authors,” is currently on a tour of the media touting what a great person he is, especially compared to his successor, the Hitler-in-disguise, Donald Trump.  Reading or watching these lovefests is nauseating and one would think the guy is a movie star promoting his most recent release.

His appearance with Stephen Colbert, a liberal hack who poses as a comedian, is indicative where they spent time playing wastepaper basketball.  Between such puff, Obama spouted the lines about what a great positive leader he was for eight years.  But what if the media treated Saint Obama as they did Trump from the day the latter was elected in 2016?  Would Obama have survived such scrutiny?  I think we know the answers.

Instead, the media would for days rant and rave about a mid-morning Tweet from Trump.  Twitter was the mirror into Trump’s empty soul.  Sure, Trump was combative with the media, but he was also quite accessible to the media and faced them head-on and was not presented with puff questions.  No “political pundit” ever commented on the ducks on Trump’s socks at a press conference.  Trump may have called the media “fake news,” but he never avoided the fake news outlets.

Obama, on the other hand, has a love affair with the media and always did.  This allows him to paint a narrative that the Obama (and by extension, Biden) era was one of greatness.  Facts prove otherwise.  Since their love of Obama interferes with any objectivity, those necessary questions about his failings are avoided.

In one interview when Obama was asked why he thought Trump made some inroads with Hispanics, he dismissed them as “evangelical voters” that considered some issues more important than others- namely, gay marriage and abortion.  Obama’s quote on one radio show is indicative when he said:

The fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans or puts detainees, undocumented workers, in cages, they think that’s less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion.

A perfect follow up question would be about how the Obama administration built those “cages” and used them in the first place.  They could have even asked what he believed was Trump’s views on gay marriage or abortion rather than dismissing “evangelical” Hispanics.  Someone could have reminded Obama that although Trump supported “traditional marriage,” he made no disparaging remarks about gay marriage in 2016 or thereafter.  They could have even pointed out that Obama, although elected in 2008, never came around to support gay marriage until 2012.  Instead, we were onto the next question.  Hence, Obama is the golden boy and Trump the destroyer of gay marriage, “abortion rights,” and placer of people in cages.  End of story; move on: the Great Obama has spoken.

Obama laments the relationship between Trump and the media calling it a threat to democracy.  Does anyone in the media dare question how Obama actually treated the media?  Trump was a man of mean words; Obama a man of action.  He called Fox News “destructive” and used the 1917 Espionage Act against journalists more than all previous presidents combined!  He seized the records of 20 reporters of the Associated Press.  The names Sharryl Atkisson or John Rosen will never be uttered in an interview between the media and Obama.

Does Obama dare face a question about his actions to the degree Trump is questioned about 100 characters or less?  Instead, they treat him now as they treated him then: allow Obama to speak and do not ask a pointed question.

Now for the most ironic twist in this thing.  Obama- a former state and US Senator (i.e., politician)- is treated like a movie star iconic celebrity while the true celebrity (Trump) is treated like a politician.  “We are only doing our job,” the media squeals when brought to task, a job they apparently forgot about starting in 2008.

Said Colbert to the Obama self-puffery, “I just want to to drink you in for just a moment, because I’m having to get used to looking at a president again.”  Maybe Colbert could have asked a real question instead of this drooling rhetorical fellatio.

Maybe he or anyone else- “comedian” or media talking head- could have asked him that if he really cared about democracy, then why the need for the empty promises of ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Why did he surround himself with war hawks and bring about a civil war in Libya or Syria?  Why did he initiate a coup in Ukraine?  They could have asked him about that “JV team” terrorist organization known as ISIS that blossomed under his nose.  And of course there is always the IRS/Tea Party kerfuffle and Fast and Furious to consider.  The list can go on, but one thing Obama will never be asked about is how his “good friend” Joe Biden and his son Hunter profited while serving as his vice president.

Instead, the questions are loaded to create answers that make President Trump the most horrible person to hold office since Hitler.  It is intended to sell his friendly demeanor under the silly notion that Obama was somehow a good president.

Trump may be leaving the White House in January, the victim of a stolen election.  Yet we still hear about how he called fallen veterans “losers” (disproven) and Russians placing bounties on soldiers in Afghanistan (disproven).  Will we ever hear anything about Obama administration controversies (proven)?

The media fell for the Obama love fest hook, line and sinker.  That illustrates how low they have fallen.  To them, he is the shining example of leadership and, by contrast, Trump the opposite.  We know not to trust the media when it comes to Trump but even more importantly, we should never trust them when it comes to Obama.  Put them in a dark room, use an ultraviolet light, and the stains around their mouths will shine brightly.

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