What a Biden Cabinet Tells Us

The incoming Biden “administration” is taking shape as announcements and rumors abound as to who he will pick as his cabinet members.  If true, it appears it will be composed of under-the-radar, second string Obama people and/or Clintonistas.

Biden’s main campaign message- when coherent- was twofold: (1) he had a plan (never really specified by he himself) and a lot of promises, and (2) he was not Trump.  This latter message is based on the so-called return to “normalcy” regardless of the fact voters rejected Biden’s normalcy in 2016 and 74 million Americans rejected it in 2020.  The “normalcy” Biden and his supporters see is a utopia through rose-tinted glasses and that the Obama era, where Senile Joe was the #2 man, was some Golden Age of America.

Trying to channel that false sense of utopia, Biden’s transition team is throwing in a heaping dose of wokeness to go along with his picks or those rumored to be chosen.  He has floated the name of Michele Flournoy to the first ever female Secretary of Defense.  For Homeland Security, we get the first ever possibility of a Latino- Alejandro Mayorkas.  We may get our first female Treasury Secretary in Janet Yellen.  If not Yellen, then another female mentioned is Lael Brainard.  But even if the Treasury Secretary lacks female genitalia, never fear because two African-American males are being considered and one is even gay.

The horse-faced John Kerry is returning to Washington as Biden’s “climate czar.”  The fact there will even be a climate czar is a first.  He will be on the National Security Council.  The appointment as a “czar” allows Kerry to avoid Senate confirmation.  Remember that Kerry was the man that signed the bogus Paris Climate Accords on behalf of Washington, the JCPOA with Iran, and expanded the Obama administration’s portfolio of ill-advised wars.

Except for perhaps Yellen, most of these people being mentioned are relative unknowns.  The media was awash in drool over the possible appointment of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State.  Post-Obama, Blinken enriched himself at consulting firm WestExec (co-founded by the aforementioned Flournoy)- a company dedicated to helping clients negotiate the bureaucracy to secure Pentagon contracts.  One wonders what “hot spots” a Biden administration will choose for the next Obama utopian war…

This fantasy of an Obama-era utopia is what is fueling his appointments.  Biden was elected as the “anti-Trump” and the return to “normalcy.”  You will be hearing a lot of that latter word in the coming months- “normalcy.”  However, this nostalgia is wholly imaginary.

Obama and Biden won in 2008 in the midst of a financial panic.  Obama may have inherited the Bush financial crisis which was born of rapacious banks that used the life savings of Americans like casino chips, but the “recovery-” which Biden took full ownership of during his stealth campaign- is the very thing that created the fuel for the emergence of Donald Trump in 2016.  For you see, the “Biden recovery” failed to lift up most working-class and middle class Americans.  Many lost their homes and the American Dream was denied to their children leaving them in no position to strike out on their own.  Many were denied the opportunity to afford a starter home due to an absence of jobs that paid a decent wage.  Is it any wonder a true pandemic- the opioid crisis- ballooned in this Obama utopia?

A comment by Biden back in 2018 caused him to be raked over the coals.  Said Biden at the time:

The younger generation now tells me how tough things are. Give me a break. No, no, I have no empathy for it.


The whiners, apparently loathed by the 2018 version of Joe Biden, actually made 20% less than Biden’s generation at the same age (at best)- assuming they had a job at all and did not have a needle sticking in their arm.  In 2018, as the article from Vice cited above reveals, it was acceptable to criticize Biden over tone-deaf comments, but two years later they were all placed in the memory hole by the lapdog media.  Speaking ill of Biden got you branded a “Trump supporter,” which in some quarters was the equivalent of being a Nazi.

The Obama/Biden years, which now president-elect Biden is attempting to resurrect- lest we forget- managed to turn two wars into seven.  It allowed CitiBank- one of the worst offenders of the “too big to fail” set- pick Obama’s cabinet members.  Most egregiously, it passed Obamacare that forced the very people feeling the most pain from the financial crisis to purchase health insurance they could not afford or face a tax penalty they also could not afford.

In essence, what these picks and rumors reveal is that the more things change, the more they remain the same.  Biden has essentially promised to reignite a civil war in Syria, “fix” Obamacare by expanding a terrible piece of legislation, bow down to the globalists, and kiss the collective asses of his Wall Street donors who have a heavy hand in picking these people.

But, hey- we’ll have the first female something or other, the first Latino something, the first African-American something, the first gay something, the first female African-American lesbian something, and on it goes.

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