A Series of Unfortunate Events in the Election of 2020

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden is the “projected” winner of the Presidential sweepstakes in 2020.  The senile, ex-Senator and Obama vice-president who could not form a coherent sentence managed to do what he failed to do on previous occasions when he could actually feed himself and draw people to an event outside drawn circles in the grass- the impossible; “win” the presidency.

Yet, it seems surprising that a 78-year-old man who spent 48 years in DC outperformed the woman who was destined to break the celebrated glass ceiling- the Crone of Chappaqua- in four and only four major cities.  What were those four cities?  Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Detroit.  These are all metropolitan areas that just happen to be in the swing states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan.  And did I mention they were all states that Trump won in 2016?

Incidentally or coincidentally (or not), these were four states where vote counts were mysteriously halted in the middle of the night where, before the counting stopped, Trump held large leads.  In Michigan, Trump led by 300,000 votes, about 100,000 in Wisconsin, and a whopping 700,000 in Pennsylvania.  A burst pipe that took 90 minutes to fix (actually a leak) was blamed for the stoppage in Georgia.

Then there are the bell-weather counties that seem to “predict” the winner with amazing accuracy regardless of whether that winner was Republican or Democrat.  Trump managed to win 15 of 16 of those counties and it was not even close- by 16 percentage points.  The one county he did not win- Clallam county in Washington- he lost by a mere 4 points.  These bell-weather counties are one thing as all streaks must eventually end, just as Ohio’s streak of “picking” the winner ended in 2020, but all at once?

There were also the mysterious calls by the media declaring winners in the various key states.  While Trump was amassing wins in Florida, Ohio, and Texas, every media outlet was reluctant to call any of those states for Trump.  Yet in Virginia when results came in, Trump led Biden for three long hours although the media called the state for Biden within 30 minutes of the polls closing and Trump up by 80,000 votes.

Vegas bettors took note.  As the day began, Biden was up 2:1.  By the time the votes were stopped being counted in four key states, the odds rose in favor of Trump at 8:1.  But once Arizona was called for Biden, Trump’s odds came crashing down back to 2:1.  The early calls for Biden in Virginia and Arizona made sure that he had the electoral vote lead most of the night.  Of course, it was just a coincidence that once Arizona was called for Biden, vote counting in the other states ceased.  It was at this point that GOP observers and the TV cameras were sent home… then the counting resumed finding incredible amounts of votes for Biden.  To the average Vegas bettor, they realized the “fix” was in.

Let’s take the case of Pennsylvania.  It seems strange that the rejection rate of mail-in ballots in that state in 2016 was about 1% of all ballot thus submitted.  Apparently, the electorate in Pennsylvania made damn sure they signed their name correctly, if at all, got the ballot postmarked correctly, placed the ballot in the correct envelope, and all the other things legally necessary to make the ballot valid.  And they did this amidst massive mail-in voting compared to 2016.  But the rejection rate of ballots in Pennsylvania dropped 30-fold to 0.03% of rejected ballots.  Even Colorado, which is way more familiar with mail-in voting and has a random forensic audit system of ballots, has a rejection rate of 0.05%.  This seems incredulous that Pennsylvania would outperform a state with a better record in electoral integrity.

When laptops and USBs that contained encrypted software to make sure specific election information can be uploaded to a voting machine were stolen from a Philadelphia warehouse, election officials told us they were “sure” the integrity of the election was not compromised.

Some are blaming Trump’s loss for his handling of the coronavirus as the main reason for his loss.  But it does seem rather strange that Pfizer waited until after the election to announce the success of their vaccine which would not have been possible if not for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed project.  Incidentally, the president of Biden’s so-called cancer “charity” is a former Pfizer executive.

There is also the media and especially social media’s role to consider.  Any Tweet or Facebook posting that deviates from the “Biden won” narrative is flagged as “fake news.”  When these series of unfortunate events are mentioned, they are “pooh-poohed” away as “conspiracy theory.”  The lucky postings simply get a “warning” from Big Tech that it deviates from the narrative.  The unlucky ones get booted off, suspended, or de-platformed.

It also seems rather strange that Peter Neffenger was named to Biden’s transition team.  He is also the president of Smartmatic, a subsidiary of Dominion Voting Systems, a company with a dubious record and one that was used in tabulating election results in swing states and others.  The chairman of Smartmatic is a member of the British House of Lords- Mark Malloch Brown- who also just coincidentally is the former vice-chairman of Investment Funds, a George Soros organization.

These pages and others have noted how Democrats were highly critical of Dominion Voting Systems and abnormalities in tabulating results.  Texas rejected them citing serious security concerns.  In both Georgia and Michigan, an unexplained “glitch” reversed thousands of votes for Trump to Biden.  Even liberal loons like Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) were highly and vocally critical of Dominion as recently as January 2020, but suddenly silent now.  Could it just be coincidence that Dominion- which controls greater than 37% of the voting machine and vote tabulating market- hired a DC lobbying firm and that account is handled by Nadeam Elshami who just happens to be the former chief-of-staff to Botox Queen, Nancy Pelosi?  Another lobbyist for Dominion is Jared Thomas who is a long-time aid and political consultant to Georgia governor Brian Kemp.  And did I mention that Dominion contracted with the Clinton Foundation for “…providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections” through something called the Delian Project?

Also unexplained is the high turnout rates.  In Wisconsin, voter turnout was a whopping 89%.  As Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal noted after crunching the numbers, that would require 900,000 same-day voter registrations in Wisconsin, an almost impossible feat.  Then there are the so-called “shy” Trump voters.

Who were they?  They were suburban white women and urban black males.  It is estimated that Trump cobbled together at least 10 million new voters in 2020 compared to 2016.  Yet we are led to believe they suddenly went even more silent and/or cast a vote for Senile Joe on Election Day.

The bottom line is that this is not about Donald Trump and who occupies the White House come 2021.  As front page writer Joe Cunningham alluded to in a recent column regarding the Georgia US Senate runoff races in January where the fate of the Senate is up for grabs, if they- Democrats and the Left- can get away with it once, who is to say they will not try again, or even up the ante?

I am not one for conspiracy theories.  I believe we landed men on the moon, Oswald killed Kennedy, etc., but these series of unfortunate events or coincidences do not add up to anything approximating “legitimate.”  Perhaps one or two, but in the aggregate, no ‘effin’ way!

Whether through resistance, protest, reform, or revenge, a serious wrong must be corrected.  The elites in the media and government are quick to point out fraudulent foreign elections, but apparently cannot see one when it happens under their own noses and before their own eyes.

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