Is It Time to Face "Reality?"

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This article can go one of two ways.  The first is the glaringly obvious fact that President Trump is a victim of massive electoral fraud in several key states- Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Except for Nevada, these were all states that Trump won in 2016.  Let’s leave Michigan out of the equation at this point as Trump was likely to lose the state anyway.  As the media has the outcome now, Biden has 290 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.  So let’s assume that Georgia’s votes are in flux as a recount and audit has mysteriously found some additional votes for Trump.

Is the recount enough to garner him Georgia’s 16 electoral votes?  Possibly, but he still falls short and ends up with 248, or 22 shy of the needed 270 votes.  That means that Trump has to flip the counts in two of the above four listed states (assuming he gets Georgia).  Pennsylvania alone will not do it; that is only 20 electoral votes and still two shy.

I am not legal expert in the nuances of election laws and no expert on state election laws.  But I am a realist.  In Wisconsin, Trump would have to find more than 20,000 votes to take that state.  In Pennsylvania, he needs over 82,000 votes, a little over 10,000 in Arizona, and over 23,000 in Nevada.  Arizona and Wisconsin would seem the most likely place to prevail, but guess what that gets us?  A 269-269 tie assuming Trump takes Georgia.  Is this the end game- to have the House decide?

In such a scenario, each state gets one vote.  The current House would vote and cast their votes after they caucus.  It is not dependent upon the will of the voters in those states.  For example, Trump won Iowa, but there are currently 3 Democrats and one Republican in the House from Iowa.  They are under no obligation to cast their state’s vote for Trump.

So what do we get?  In such a scenario, Trump would win 26-22 with delegations in Michigan and Pennsylvania deadlocked.  Their votes would not be needed one way or the other.  It has only happened twice in history- the election of Thomas Jefferson, and the last time being 1824 when the House chose John Quincey Adams over Andrew Jackson as a result of what came to be known as the Corrupt Bargain between Adams and Henry Clay.

However, we are light years away from this scenario.  Trump must prevail by (1) winning Georgia outright and (2) flipping both Arizona and Wisconsin.  That translates into finding a lot of votes in either recounts, dismissing illegal votes, or whatever other means at his legal disposal.  Considering that recounts usually rarely find, on average, more than 1,000 votes for the “loser,” we must confront this reality.

There is a popular sign that reads “Every Legal Vote Counts.”  That is the key to Trump’s success in the current legal battle.  There must be a determination of how many of the votes- either for Trump or Biden- are legally valid under the definitions embedded within the various state’s laws.  Considering that states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania threw a monkey wrench into the works by allowing the counting of late arriving ballots using the excuse of the “pandemic,” we are at a point where we do not even know the definition of a legally valid ballot.  In the case of Pennsylvania, the state supreme court intervened and essentially rewrote their election law despite the state legislature’s refusal to change their own election laws when suggested by their Democrat governor.  That is, the will of the people through their elected representatives in Harrisburg, was usurped by the state supreme court.

Getting back to reality, we have to look at the chances of anything breaking in Trump’s favor.  Depending on the state, either the governor, chief election officer, or board of canvassers must certify the results of the election on December 8th, 2020.  We are less than three weeks away from that day.  However, that is known as the “safe harbor” date to resolve any election disputes.  If accepted within the safe harbor timeline (December 8th), Congress is obligated to accept them.  Thus far, only California has stated they will fall outside the safe harbor meaning that the key states in question intend to certify their results on or before December 8th.  The clock is ticking…

As of this writing, results have been certified in 13 states.  Let’s look at the key states in play.  Georgia must certify their results by November 20th at 5:00 PM, Nevada on December 1st, Arizona on November 30th, Pennsylvania on November 23rd, and Wisconsin on December 1st.  Hence, if Trump is to make any moves in any of these states, the wheels of justice must be accelerated.

On these pages, the “found” ballots- most of them for Trump- have been well-documented.  The question is twofold: (1) Are there enough to make a difference, and (2) How many votes for Biden, particularly in “blue” counties, are valid?  At this point, there appears there are dribs and drabs in Trump’s favor, but enough to make a difference.  Therefore, the only real question is how many Biden votes are valid?

Given the timelines and deadlines, the slow pace of justice, and the seemingly insurmountable leads in some states, it would appear that the Democrats did a damn fine job of stealing this Presidential election.  They knew the deadlines and they manufactured just enough votes to do it.  It is obvious to everyone with an ounce of functional brain matter.  Having done that, they are now simply running out the various clocks.

As stated at the beginning, this article can go one of two ways.  The first is the reality that Biden most likely managed to steal the election.  The vote deficits are too large to overcome.  In some cases, even if 40% are reversed, Biden still wins.  That is reality.

More importantly, the second reality is that the election was stolen.  It exposed a serious flaw in our electoral system and one that must be addressed.  Rahm Emmanuel is most famous for stating, to paraphrase: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  Democrats used the “crisis” of the Wuhan flu pandemic to create chaos and confusion in the electoral process with mail-in ballots.  The entire US Postal Service “controversy” during the summer makes perfect sense in this light.  The primary season, largely a mail-in process, was a dry run for the general election.

What can be done short of a wholesale re-evaluation of the process?  Governors, state election officials and canvassing boards in the key states can refuse to certify the results despite what their laws say.  That is doubtful in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania with Democrat governors.  One suspects that Ducey in Arizona and Kemp in Georgia lack the intestinal fortitude to do so.

I suspect that some day in the future when some electoral analyst geeks or some newspaper actually does what election officials should have done and actually count and certify legal voteswe will know who really won this election.  This writer is not resigning to the fact that Biden “won” this election.  However, I am resigned to the fact that there are serious flaws that must be addressed, that Biden “stole” the election, and he will never be considered my president.