Without Donald Trump, You Are Now the Enemy

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Let’s make a big assumption and assume that President Trump loses all or some of his legal challenges and Joe Biden becomes the next president in January.  This writer is not postulating on those outcomes.  However, given the breakdown in the electoral system this year coupled with the breakdown of the legal system where coup plotters and obstructionists within his administration and from the previous administration walk free, it is an easy outcome to imagine.

From day one of the Trump election, there was coordinated rage against him.  The globalists, the media, and the entertainment industry portrayed him as the second coming of Hitler.  Yet the many exit polls in this election revealed that 18% of black men, 36% of Hispanic men, and 58% of white men voted for Trump.  One supposes those 18% of black men were not black enough, in Biden’s parlance, and the 36% of Hispanic males were not Hispanic enough.  The white men?  Well, what else did you expect in a white male patriarchal society?  The last time a Republican got 18% of the black male vote, Joe Biden was capable of dressing and feeding himself.

What most shocked the pundits was the closeness of the votes in those key states since many were suspecting a Biden landslide.  Biden would have, they predicted, his self-proclaimed “mandate.”  Many of these media outlets were quick to call the race in Arizona for Biden but reluctant to call states like Florida and even Alaska for Trump which were more obvious.  One supposes they waiting for that all-important Eskimo vote to come in.

For the past four years, no foreign adversary has received as much abuse as that taken by President Trump.  Yet, even as they were reveling in his apparent defeat helped along by a heaping serving of electoral fraud, they still were not satisfied.  Joy Reid of MSNBC fame went on to pontificate that there was a “great amount of racism, anti-blackness and anti-wokeness” in the numbers for Trump.  Charles Blow of the New York Times said the 70 million votes for Trump confirmed “the power of the white patriarchy.”  Jane Mayer at the New Yorker, who hires writers that like to masturbate during Zoom chats, said Trump was a “terrified little boy” who would now have to run from the law and likely steal away in the dead of the night to some country with no extradition treaty with the United States.

We do not know what will happen in the courtrooms that will hear these challenges to the results and the vote counts, but one’s optimism should not run high.  That is not a defeatist attitude, just an observation.  Most readers here along with the 70 million who voted for Trump kind of intuitively know this because we have seen the Deep State in action since November 2016.  As for the Supreme Court, we have lost faith in John Roberts who seems to love to poke Trump in the eye at every opportunity dressed in legalese.  One wonders what people have on him.

So in this imaginary world where there is no longer a President Trump, the anger of the Left will no longer have a lightning rod to seek out.  Instead, the elitists, globalists, media, academia, the entertainment industry and Big Tech have a new enemy and it is the 70 million people who voted for Trump.  These are working class Americans who want to go to church, go to work, earn a paycheck, obey the law and respect tradition and history.

The last fraudulent election in US history occurred in 1960 when John Kennedy managed to get enough votes over Richard Nixon in Illinois and their army of dead Democrat voters, and West Virginia.  In 1960, Richard Nixon conceded defeat and refused to contest the electoral outcome.  He did so for “the sake of the country.”  In 1960, that was called “patriotism.”  In the wake of this election amidst all the fraud, it could be called being a “chump.”

By now, we are used to Leftist lies, the killing of free political speech, and the PC woke culture foisted upon us by our elite “betters.”  Most likely, the Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezo type people are likely wondering who these 18% of black men or 36% of Hispanic men are?  Where did they come from and why would they vote for the American Hitler?  They probably surmise these people never went to college; that’s right- they’re the uneducated among us.  Ignore them; they’re just Bible-clinging, gun owning rubes.

So what happens now?  Without Trump at the helm taking the abuse, the Left will turn their energies against the 70 million people who voted for Trump despite what Biden says about “unity.”  The Leftist genie is out of the bottle and has been exposed thanks largely to Trump which is probably why they hate him so much.

Every accomplishment of the Trump administration will be slowly and methodically rolled back.  The bureaucratic regulatory Deep State will expand and revel in their newfound powers in the name of taming a virus and saving the planet from inevitable doom which seems to be just around the corner every decade or so.  We will likely find ourselves entangled in some foreign war where no American interests lie in the name of a “humanitarian mission.”

Enough voters in enough states were “discovered” to possibly boot from office a President who presided over unprecedented low unemployment numbers across all demographics, economic growth, and no foreign wars.  To those 18% of black men and 36% of Hispanic men, we welcome them into our fold.  They got it.  They were not the lemmings.

But the lemmings will now take out revenge on the 70 million deplorable Americans who had the audacity to vote for Trump because you are now the lightning rods.