The Intelligence "Experts" Think You Are Stupid

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Well, the race for the Presidency is over, folks.  Fifty people from the vaunted US intelligence community including serial liar James Clapper and dour-faced John Brennan signed a letter claiming the recent claims about Hunter Biden, from his very own laptop, is Russian disinformation.  In other words, move along…nothing to see here.  Those pesky Russians and their leader, the evil Vladimir Putin, are up to their old tricks again.  It is 2016 all over again.

We are supposed to ignore that these Hunter Biden emails, which seem to suggest “the big guy” (Sleepy Joe) was up to his eyes in influence-peddling, are bogus.  You see, every Ukrainian energy company advertises for new talent by recruiting candidates with a penchant for impregnating strippers and who seemed to have a thing for crack cocaine at one time.  Some added requirements: you don’t have to speak Ukrainian, you don’t have to show up for work, and you don’t have to know anything about the energy sector.  The slam dunk for being hired?  If your dad, or “the big guy,” is Vice President of the United States, you get a signing bonus and $50,000 a month.

By the way, ignore those 26,000 emails Hunter Biden’s former partner, Bevan Cooney, gave the media showing that besides Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine, “the big guy” and Joe’s living son were also involved in some shady dealings involving China.

Ignore reality and take their word for it, these experts want you to believe.  They offer no evidence that Russian disinformation is involved.  Instead, they assert that it “has all the earmarks of a Russian information operation.”  One supposes this is sort of like CrowdStrike determining that Russians hacked the DNC computers in 2016.  Although Shawn Henry, their CEO, testified under oath there was “no definitive evidence” such happened, it became “THE TRUTH.”  Different year, same story, same strategy.  And to think that Putin did not even have to spend $200,000 in Facebook ads this time around.

This is the same gaggle of intelligence “experts” who are actual proven liars.  To Congress, no less- Michael Hayden, James Clapper, and John Brennan.

Imagine if this was a Russian disinformation campaign what it would involve.  First, the emails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive would have to have been fabricated.  The repair shop owner in Wilmington would also have to be a Russian asset.  Every media outlet that reports it, likewise.  Maybe it isn’t even Hunter Biden’s laptop which would be kind of strange since Hunter asked that his laptop be returned.  And let’s not forget Cooney- he is also part of the disinformation campaign and a Russian asset.

This is about as absurd as it gets.  Yet, the media ignores, buries, and explains away the story when they are not outright censoring it on social media.  This shows how dysfunctional the media has become.  If their preferred candidate, a Democrat, gets into some trouble with even a sniff of scandal, then invoke the specter of Russia and Putin.

Despite the evidence, these intelligence “experts” want you to trust them over a hunch.  These are the same people who perpetrated a four-year hoax upon the public based originally on a “hunch,” or hatred/fear of Trump.

Now for the scariest part of this: these people were actually in a position of immense power at one time.  You can’t go much higher than the DNI and CIA Director.  Their job is not to conjecture and work on “hunches” and “all the earmarks.”  There is irrefutable evidence that these Hunter Biden emails are the real deal- that is, facts.  That is what intelligence is supposed to investigate and report.


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