Too Much Shame and Not Enough Anger

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

As the advertisements remind us in nauseating fashion, we are all in this coronavirus thing together. Nice sentiment, but we have seen that it is really not true.  Even in the face of a “pandemic” and a shattered economy, politically we are not in anything together.  We on the Right want one thing and those on the Left another thing.  We on the Right demand “citizenship” and all it entails while those the Left demand “absolute equality.”  We live under two constitutions.

After a generation of conservative political victories, the traditions and values we were supposed to be conserving are lost or being lost as society become “revolutionized.”  Who would have thought that abortion is portrayed as no worse than getting a tooth extracted, that a sexual perversion has been condoned through marriage, or that confusion about one’s gender now is the definition of “gender?”

How did we get to this state of affairs?  The answer is shame and the Left’s deft use of shame.  We are not a shame-and-honor culture, but in one area we have become one- accusations of racism.  Does anyone dare ask a Clinton about their connections to Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein?  We on the Right are not “equals” to the Left because we are racist.  Has anyone seriously questioned Joe Biden about the sexual assault allegations against him?  Where are all the celebrities insisting that all women must be believed?  The Hollywood and academic elite squander wealth then lecture others about privilege.  They look at the rest of us and tell us the root of our problems is simple- white supremacy and racism.  If we are not “equal” to them in all they rant about, then we simply do not deserve what they have.

Philosophers knew that conflict between the few (the elites) and the many (today, deplorables) destroys community.  That is precisely the goal of the liberal elite and we can trace it back through history to where it began- 1964.

Race became the tool that the liberal elites used to take control of our lives and the lives of our children.  The era of modern civil rights legislation began in 1964 when courts and regulatory agencies were empowered to force collective shame in the name of race.  Today, those very laws are now used as a cudgel to enforce the LGBT agenda.  What will it be tomorrow?

That is why conservatives must realize that we are the conservators of the 1787 Constitution.  It starts with re-establishing the authority and importance of citizenship (which includes responsibility) and rights, not the invasion of one’s private life in every conceivable area and fashion.

In some ways, conservatives are partially responsible for this state of affairs.  While the Left was undermining society by codifying shame through the courts and bureaucratic agencies, conservatives took their eyes off the bigger picture.  Conservatism was more concerned about defeating Communism by waging a Cold War and ensuring domestic economic growth.  It worked, but as Reagan was busy taking down the Soviet Union and Clinton was talking about “peace dividends,” the Left was also busy undermining, criminalizing and shaming people out of the exercise of their rights and freedoms.  The peace and prosperity ushered in by Reagan and Bush paid for more liberalism.

Today, the Right is left with speeches and opinions that try to reverse the state of affairs.  However, we lose sight of things if we lose our heritage, culture, and history.  That is the basis of the pushback against the “cancel culture” phenomena well-documented on these pages.

The civil rights movement was impressive on many levels.  It had democratic appeal, most people extolled its virtues, it created the ability to make and enforce laws, and it weakened its adversaries.  The Left has been using shame ever since the passage of the 1964 constitution, but it was directed anger that produced their victories.

Because the Left’s rise to power in some segments is never enough and their lust for more power appears insatiable (witness their actions in response to a pandemic), conservatives cannot and should not seek peace with them.  Their transformation of the 1960s civil rights movement to an attack on families and identity is the breaking point.  The Left does this and continues to do this because they do not respect the constitutional rights of citizens since they live, think and breathe under an alternate constitution.

Conservatives must also reckon whether the Republican Party is a true friend and ally, or part of the problem.  The 2016 elections brought victory at all levels of government, but like many times before, those victories resulted in political malpractice.  The GOP simply refuses or is reluctant to cripple the Left.  Every year, conservatives are more afraid of appearing on college campuses, speaking out on social media and falling for the trap of shame that the Left has laid in their path.  Capitulation in the name of “virtue,” “muh principles,” or “bipartisanship” is surrender.

Lone wolf conservatives not afraid of the shame game can only do so much.  Making people angry at the humiliations the Left has thrust upon a great swath of America overcomes that shame.  But that can only happen if conservatives engender anger in those to whom we give our votes and donations in time and money.  We need to replace those who would rather compromise than fight to restore the Constitution of 1787.