A Look at the 2020 Election: The Far West and Northwest

A Look at the 2020 Election: The Far West and Northwest

Today, this writer will look at states way out West- like as far as you could go- and the Northwest.


This state is reliably blue.  It is so blue they elected a nut case like Mazie Hirono to the Senate!  They’re like the Vermont of the Pacific.  Thankfully, they only get 4 electoral votes and by time their totals come in, the presidential race will be decided.

Perhaps the only race of interest here is the open Second District being vacated by Tulsi Gabbard who was seemingly the most sane of the presidential candidates and definitely the best looking of the lot.  Seriously- Google an image of her surfing.  Keep an eye on her come 2024.

As has been mentioned on these pages, the Bulwarkian/NeverTrump/Lincoln Project cabal of “experts” celebrated Gabbard’s loss in a race of which she was not a part.  This kind of illustrates the mental capacities of these people.  Most to Gabbard’s credit, when she was a Presidential candidate, she landed the best body blows on Kamala Harris.  It is likely this fact most brought out the ire of Democrats.  Fiscally, Gabbard is a liberal, but methinks she harbors some social conservatism in her blood.  Maybe Trump should offer her a position (say…the VA) in a new administration???


There is a Senatorial race in Alaska as Republican Dan Sullivan fights to keep his seat.  This is a sleeper race out west.  He is opposed by Al Gross who has proven himself to be quite the prolific fundraiser.  In fact, he’s nip-and-tuck with Sullivan at this point.  Gross says the right things that appeal to people in Alaska and he touts the fact he is a lifelong, born and bred Alaskan.  Being a doctor, he has a “prescription” for the state and the Senate.  

Thankfully, there is no gubernatorial race this year because that is where most of the intrigue would come into play.  See my previous article here.  Their lone Congressman is Republican Dan Young, best known for bringing home the pork.

Although I will predict Sullivan will be reelected to the Senate, we may have to come back to this race later.  A lot of people are not paying great attention, but this writer is keeping a close eye on it. Assuming we get by 2020, the next step in Alaska is replacing Lisa Murkowski in the Senate in two years.

Referendum question: Alaska wants to take a page from Maine and California and change how people vote.  Their primaries would be transformed to “non-partisan” with the top four advancing to the general election.  Then in that election, they would adopt ranked-choice voting.


In Washington, governor Jay Inslee is up for reelection.  Several Republicans came out of the woodwork in the primary.  The problem with Washington is that the bulk of the voting population is in Seattle and its environs and this area is stone-cold liberal which explains the emergence of that CHOP/CHAZ crap back in the summer.  My theory: the weather has something to do with their craziness.  Doesn’t that area have a high rate of suicide and heroin addiction?

In the House races, Democrat Dan Heck is vacating the 10th District which encompasses the suburbs to the south of Seattle.  If the GOP is to pick up any seat out of Washington, it might be this one.  However, they also have to play some defense in the Third District where GOP incumbent Jaime Herrera-Beutler seems to be a perennial target of the Democrats.  This district is in the southwest corner of the state.

This writer does not foresee a change in partisan composition of Washington’s representation in the Washington with “DC” after its name.  Instead, the biggest question here is the gubernatorial race and if the fine citizens of Washington have had enough of the Leftist garbage Inslee inculcates.  It should also be noted that Washington converted to a mail-in voting system long before the coronavirus thing which likely benefits Democrats more, especially in the urban areas.  As for Trump’s chances here…yeah- not happening.


Unlike its neighbor to the north, the Democrat fascist nazi governor Kate Brown is not up for reelection.  This is the epicenter of antifa nonsense and its bastard offshoot, BLM.  Actually, it is just the Portland area that is so crazy but that is where the bulk of the population lives in Oregon.  By the way, the Fred Armisen show Portlandia needs to make a comeback.  That was funny.

There is a senatorial race, but no one expects Democrat Jeff Merkeley to lose his seat to Jo Rae Perkins.  She will pull in her fair share of votes outside the Portland area, especially east of the Cascades, but this is really not a competitive race in the end.  She might want to throw caution to the wind and just go for Merkeley’s throat, but one doubts it.

The lone Republican Congressman, Greg Walden, is retiring and vacating the Second District in the central swath of the state.  Cook rates this district +10 Republican and Trump won the district in 2016.  This writer believes this district is reliably Republican and Cliff Bentz, the GOP candidate, will prevail proving that not all Oregonians are liberal fascist fruitcakes.

Referendum question: the Oregon Socialist Republic where voters may approve psilocybin, a hallucinogenic.  Can you imagine Portland rioters high on this stuff?

Running Totals

Biden overtakes Trump in the electoral vote count 52-45.  Democrats open their lead in the House 37-30 while in the Senate they now lead 17-13.


Things get worse before they get better as we examine the Middle Atlantic states plus Virginia, but not Pennsylvania, in two parts for brevity’s sake.

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