The Many Ironies of the Latest Illegal Immigrant Caravan

Immigration- legal and otherwise- has been largely absent from the political discourse this election cycle.  Of course, for one to immigrate one must travel and given the state of travel these days, especially international travel amid a global pandemic, one can understand why it is not a hot topic this year, unlike in 2016.

Still and all, it may come as a surprise that apparently the Covid thing has been eradicated in Honduras since a caravan of about 4,000 illegal immigrants began their dangerous trek northward towards the United States.  We know they were headed here because Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico are not exactly hot spots for your average illegal immigrant.

The caravan was organized by some dude named “Ariel.”  He told the Los Angeles Times, “We’re dying of hunger and are just looking for a country that can offer us life with dignity.”  The key words here are “dying of hunger” since the caravan was organized by Ariel through WhatsApp.  For those unaware, WhatsApp requires a computer or cell phone and Internet access.  Apparently those dying of hunger in Honduras can mysteriously afford a cell phone and/or computer…and they have Internet access.  This reminds this writer of the food stamp people standing in the grocery line talking on their newest, state-of-the-art, multi-camera iPhone-whatever number they’re up to.  They can afford an expensive cell phone and carrier plan, but not food?  These people need to learn about the hierarchy of needs.

So, why now?  Why did Ariel organize the caravan at this point in time?  Prior to October 1st, the borders of Honduras were closed off to stem the tide of the Chinese flu.  Now they are open again.  While President Trump was accused of xenophobia and racism, the Los Angeles Times article noted that the decision to close the borders of Honduras likely spared the country from a mass outbreak.  Hence, these “refugees” who were kept free of Covid because their government closed their borders now want to breach the borders of other countries.  That is like saying, “Our borders kept us safe, now let us ignore your borders.”

But wait because there is another irony.  Many of these people said they are now destitute now because of the lockdowns in their native Honduras.  Are they seriously counting on fascist Democrat governors and politicians to lift lockdowns and draconian orders here?  I get it: a lock-downed US economy is likely better than an open flourishing economy in Honduras.  In other words, it is incredulous to believe that Honduran business closures are what is inspiring this latest caravan.

Now comes the funniest part of the whole thing.  The caravan of roughly 4,000 people actually made it into Guatemala.  But then reality hit and the military there disbanded the group and managed to send 3,384 of them back to Honduras.  Why?  To prevent the spread of Covid.  Even funnier was the reaction from human rights groups in the United States who declared that no Covid-related health regulations should ever prevent people from living or seeking a dignified life.

On the other hand, these same human rights groups are eerily silent about actual Americans living a dignified life.  They say nothing about those who wish to hold or attend religious services in America.  There are crickets when mourners at a funeral are limited, if held at all.  They say squat about restaurant-goers wearing masks between bites or sitting outside under tents in a parking lot.  Apparently seeking and living a dignified life does not apply to Americans.

Again…I get it.  For how bad and weird things are currently in the United States vis-a-vis the Covid thingy, it is still probably better than your average day to many people in Honduras in the best of times.  But in these not-so-best-of-times in America, we can ill-afford 4,000 illegal immigrant Hondurans (or from any other country) banging on our southern border demanding to be let in.

Mexico, to their credit, congratulated the military in Guatemala for sending most of the caravaners back, saving them the trouble of doing so.  But, illegal immigrants are persistent little devils and Mexico is taking no chances and dispatched some of their military to their southern border just to make sure none of the roughly 600-700 Hondurans who got away make it any further north.

Hey: tough times demand tough actions.  If the Democrat fascists can demand and enact their draconian measures to stem the tide of this “pandemic,” then they should have no problem breaking up a caravan of illegal Honduran immigrants, right?