Yet Another Reason to Vote for Trump!

YouGov, one of those supposed accurate pollsters out there, recently surveyed Europeans on the US Presidential election.  It wasn’t even close, folks.  By a margin of 67% to 14%, our snobbish and boorish “neighbors” across the pond prefer a senile, 50-year career politician in Joe Biden.

OK- I get it.  We’re the new kids on the block, a neophyte the in world.  We are not even 300 years old yet and how can that compare to many centuries of Europe?  And I guess it kind of sucks for Europeans to look across the Atlantic Ocean and see that the United States is the leader in so many categories.  Yes- we’re loud, we can be arrogant, and we don’t have the hoity-toity culture Europeans are used to, but guess what?  We are still the leader in the world.  Many Americans do not want a nanny welfare state like those that exist in Europe.

There is so much wrong with the YouGov poll that it could fill a textbook on how NOT to conduct a poll.  For example, the poll covered countries whose aggregate population is 342 million.  Yet, YouGov had the audacity to publish this statistically insignificant garbage by polling about 9,000 people.  Further, the poll does not delineate the political affiliations of respondents, or even their ages.  Just 9,000 people out of 342 million that YouGov wants us to believe reflect the sentiments of the entire European population.

However, there is no doubt that Europeans likely do prefer Biden to Trump, although probably not by a 53% margin.  The thing is Europeans know little about America.  To them, it is New York and Hollywood, not that vast swath in-between where Joe Blow awakes everyday to his 9-5 job in a plant, on a farm, or in an office.

They are ignorant of the chicanery of the past four years as they likely receive the “view” of America beholden to CNN in some airport or train station.  Although the US has been at the task of instigating coups in the past 100 years- most recently in Ukraine with the so-called “Maidan Revolution,” never before did a coup attempt occur here.  Instead, our “betters” in Europe apparently think a-holes like John Brennan, weasels like James Comey and dofuses like James Clapper are modern-day heroes.

They have likely seen the riots and chaos in the streets , heard the stories of George Floyd and others, and believe that the 2020 election takes place amidst a verritable race war.  News for Europe: it is a class war.  It is the moneyed elite like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg and numerous Silicon Valley/Hollywood types against working class Americans- Clinton’s “deplorables- whom the elite scoff at and look down their noses as they cling to “principles” and hob-nob with the “enemy” at cocktail parties in Georgetown and New York.

And who have the elite chosen?  An old fool like Joe Biden upon which they rewrite a 50-year history in public life into a “moderate,” or “voice of reason.”  It is best exemplified in Joe Biden’s Covid mantra- listen to the scientific experts.  What they don’t tell you it is the experts they (the Left) prefer, not those noisy “conspiracy theorists” who say something different.

There is no doubt that today’s American oligarchy, media, and Deep State swamp creatures all want Trump to lose.  As of August 2020, according to the Media Research Center, there were 634 negative stories in the media against 34 positive.  As Joe Biden hid in his bunker, there were 8 positive and 4 negative.  Is it any wonder the media and their polls show Biden comfortably winning the election?  Is there any wonder Europeans are jacking off to the “news?”  There is less than 20 days to go, but don’t even bother to vote; it’s all over but the Trump concession speech.

Except for one fact: everyone said the same thing in 2016.  The Europeans were touting a 98.2% chance The Beast from Chappaqua was the next US President in 2016.  Fivethirtyeight and 270toWin showed Clinton with 323 electoral votes.  How did that work out?

This illustrates the ignorance of Europeans used to a “winner” of the popular vote.  Although they may find it “peculiar” or “interesting,” it is the electoral vote that counts in this country, so suck it Europe!  As we near the election, Trump trails Biden by an average of 4.6 points in the key battleground states.  In 2016, he trailed Clinton by 5.1 points.

Europeans believe that the sentiments of politicians in California or New York represent those of the American public at large.  They are no better (which is really low) than the likes of Max Boot or Steve Schmidt.  Yes, they say bombastic, over-the-top things, but the reality is Trump will likely be reelected.

So as for Europe, get ready for another four years of dealing with Trump.  We know it hurts you, but you need to face reality and take care of your own problems before you worry about who you have to deal with in DC come 2021.  Here’s a thought: if Trump doesn’t care about a Macron or Merkel, then they and their minions shouldn’t care who wins in the US election.

In other words, who gives a flying F*&$ what Europeans think or prefer one way or another?  And if Europeans oppose Trump, assuming the YouGov garbage poll is true, then that is one great reason to vote for Trump come November 3rd.