Incivility, or a March Towards Civil War?

Incivility, or a March Towards Civil War?
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Through rhetoric, actions, and a realignment of politics in America, we are at a point of maximum incivility which has many concerned that we are about to experience a second Civil War.  It will not be bloody military campaigns on battlefields in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, but no less a major upheaval in the country.  Recent polling shows that about two-thirds of Americans now believe a civil war is imminent with one-third showing some degree of support for political violence.

On the one side you have a group of people who portray President Trump as an despot up there with Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.  In reality, Trump is the consummate “outsider” who was elected President in 2016.  It explains his mannerisms, his demeanor, and his unfiltered rhetoric.  His opponents are not “Democrats” or “Republicans” per se, but the establishment in whatever form or its political party affiliation.

Who or what comprises the “Resistance?”  It is the Democrat Party, their willing dupe voters, the NeverTrump Republicans, an entrenched bureaucracy, or “deep state,” and the media.  Put them all together and you achieve a strange parallel existence that creates its own reality, facts be damned.  Trump is characterized as a serial liar (fact checkers actually catalog his “lies”), a huckster (the Emoluments Clause nonsense), or someone committing heinous crimes against humanity.  Many believe that Trump is personally responsible for the greater than 200,000 American deaths attributed to a virus from China (including his opponent, a senile career politician from Delaware).  Many believe the world will imminently implode if we do not rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.  Nancy Pelosi famously declared Trump an “enemy of the state.”

This translates to Hillary Clinton’s bold statement that Joe Biden should not “concede” the election should he lose.  Others have concocted visions of the military forcibly evicting Trump from the White House should Biden win.  With the recent news that Trump tested positive for the Chinese virus, some (many) could not hold back their glee in either “We told you so” scolding at best, or wishes of death at worst.  A man tests positive for Wuhan flu and it took seconds for the Resistance to rediscover the 25th Amendment.

When the haters took to Twitter wishing death upon Trump, they instituted a new policy and removed the offensive tweets.  But, did they permanently or even temporarily ban those tweeters?  Instead, one of their former CEOs fantasized about the end of capitalism and a firing squad.

We are told that “rightwing extremists” are the greatest threat to the Nation while videos of violence, looting, burning, rioting, and murder at the hands of antifa/BLM play in the background.  Remember the infamous “umbrella man?”  He was the alleged white supremacist instigating riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death.  This is the depth of the derangement.

Despite ample evidence that rightwing extremists are not behind the violence and chaos and equally ample evidence the Left is behind it, the media turns a blind eye in their convoluted reality.  They ignore, despite the mounting evidence, that a soft coup was occurring against Trump.  The dirt regarding the Hillary Clinton campaign and the outgoing Obama administration continues to pile up in a huge dung heap, but we are supposed to believe white supremacy is a threat to the Nation?

When incontrovertible fact is portrayed as conspiracy theory, the Left and their willing media allies are doing a great job of laying the seeds of incivility.  Further, the Right correctly complains about the upcoming election having seen the Democrat playbook being put into effect with calls for universal mail-in voting.  Yet, the Brennan Center for Justice- one of those Leftist “experts-” assures us voter fraud is virtually non-existent in America.

Georgetown University recently conducted a survey that found that 83% of respondents now believe that what was once politically verboten is now acceptable.  This means that violence or threats of violence is now on the table.   Whether Republican or Democrat, another survey found that roughly one-third of respondents now believe that political violence would be justified if their side lost the election.

To buttress those findings, as has been mentioned on these pages and others, gun sales are at an all-time high.  These figures are spurred by record first-time gun and ammunition buyers.  One supposes that both sides are loading up for an eventual conflict.  And should that conflict occur, who is to stop it?  Suppose Trump wins, Biden heeds Clinton’s advice, and a protracted election occurs after which Trump is declared a winner.  Will the Democrats and their foot soldiers like BLM and antifa silently slink away into the night?  Or will the scenes from Portland over 100 days play out in every major Democrat-run city or enclave?  Will these Democrats call out the police force to quell the violence?  Their record thus far suggests not.

To this writer, the sporadic violence in places like Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, among others where supposed police brutality and the narrative that white cops are somehow hunting down black suspects was the impetus for the violence is small potatoes compared to the upcoming violence over the results of this election.  It will not stop with rhetoric and speeches and calls for calm.

It will require some broken heads and, sadly, some deaths.  If Kenosha proved anything, it proved that no community is immune to the violence seen in major metropolitan cities.  The death count will not approximate that of the 19th century Civil War, but there will be death nonetheless.  The question is how many deaths and how many billions in dollars in damages will accumulate before an uneasy cease fire is declared.   Regardless, the hatred, animosity, and entrenchment will remain long after Donald Trump exits the scene, be it 2021 or 2025.

Trump drew a bold line in the sand between what made this Nation great (Western civilization and all it engendered culminating in “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) and what the Left aspires to for this Nation.  We can only hope that the death count is relatively low, or that less of “our’s” are taken than of “their’s.”  I think that is the point at which we have arrived.

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