The Woke Diaries #4

The Woke Diaries #4
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Dear diary:  Gee, people have become unhinged after some 87-year-old woman died who was on the Supreme Court.  People are even dressing like her for Halloween!  Meanwhile, I heard there is this Presidential campaign happening in about a month or so.  Yet, the woke soldier on.

Beethoven- Composer for the White Patriarchy

People called “musicologists,” Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding, in an article on Vox said it is time to cancel Beethoven.  They said the works of this classical composer whose music was used to stir the British masses during their “darkest hour” in World War II is indicative of stuffy, elitist culture that bolsters the rule of white males while suppressing the voices of women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community.  Perhaps they think the New York Philharmonic should showcase the collected works of Yoko Ono or Bjork.  Better yet, how about a whole percussion philharmonic with just African drums, sticks, and clicking mouths?

Whites and Latinas Need Not Apply

London Breed (weird name) is the mayor of San Francisco.  They have decided to provide a “guaranteed income” for prospective new mothers  However, the program comes with a twist: you have to be either black or Pacific Islander.  If you are a white, Latina, or Native American woman in San Francisco, the program does not apply to you, so don’t even apply.  Now, say the woman meets the requirements, but the father is white or Latino.  Does that mean they get half the guaranteed income?  Hmmm…

(Un)Surprising Crime Statistics 

The FBI released crime statistics for the first six months of 2020 and things are looking pretty grim in some areas.  The incidence of arson shot up 19% while the murder rate went up 15% over the previous period last year.  I wonder why that is?  Is the murder rate up because white police officers are hunting down black people?  Surprisingly, the incidence of rape decreased 18% and this is astonishing since several “peaceful protesters” seem to have some form of a sexual crime in their background.  Maybe they are just redirecting their sexual urges?

Botanical Taxonomy in the Crosshairs

Carl Von Linne was a Swedish botanist who developed the biological taxonomy we use today to classify plants and animals into families and species and so on.  In Oslo, in their botanical garden, is a bench dedicated to von Linne, now the source of controversy.  Not only did he develop a taxonomy for classifying all life, he also divided humans into four types: black, white, red and yellow.  Oh-oh…you see the problem!  Hence, some people are demanding that the bench be removed because they claim von Linne is the father of…racism!  He is also probably the father of homophobia since he developed the term, Homo Sapiens.

More on the Trials and Tribulations of the Non-Mask Wearer

Some college kids attending NYU decided to have a rooftop party because that is what college kids like to do.  Although many in attendance did not wear Biden feedbags on their faces, the party complied with the city’s Phase IV guidelines and was less than 50 people.  Then, as college kids are wont to do, someone whipped out a cell phone and filmed snippets of the party and posted it to social media.  The Covid Police swung into action and banned one student from attending NYU until he writes a paper reflecting upon his heinous transaction and begging for readmission since he received an indefinite suspension.  American universities: doing their part to flatten the curve by ripping off students.

Woman Fired for Opposing the Teaching of Lesbianism

Remember that case about the gay couple and the baker in Colorado that John Roberts sorta, kinda said was not handled properly giving the baker a reprieve, kinda sorta?  It could be worse.  It could be Asher bakery in Belfast, Ireland who did the same thing: refused to bake a gay-themed cake for a same sex wedding.  The British High Court ruled in the baker’s favor on religious freedom grounds.  But now the gay couple has taken the case to Orwellian-sounding European Court of Human Rights.  But wait!  We now have the case of Kristie Higgs in England who took to social media to question the teaching of LGBTQ “rights” to her schoolchildren.  Ms. Higgs was promptly reported to her employer who then summarily fired her for her Christian beliefs.  What set off Higgs?  Discovering that her children were learning that “…it’s OK to be a lesbian.”

Calling Bad People With the Correct Skin Color is Bad

According to an editorial in the New York Times, every high profile death of a black person by the police, which seems to set off riots and looting in a show of “peaceful protest,” all the victims are now saints.  Drawing first on the Michael Brown incident, the article says he was unarmed, but leaves out the fact he was unarmed only because he could not grab the officer’s gun.  The article continues:

Most “Truth About” treatments of police killings follow a standard format. In each case, an influencer calls into question the mainstream media’s framing of the episode, and barrages the audience with details about the victims’ pasts and the circumstances of their deaths in an attempt to prove that, while they may not have deserved to die, they were far from innocent…

In other words, how dare anyone question the sanctity of the victim?  Doing so makes you a conspiracy theorist at best and a horrible person at worst.  Instead, we are to believe the lines fed us without any context, set aside our inherent biases (that is, ignore facts), pick up a sign, throw up a “black power” fist, and join the revelry in the streets.

That’s all for now.

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