What the Lincoln Project Tells Us About the Lincoln Project

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

For those unaware, the Lincoln Project is essentially a cabal of losers and former Republican misfits who bill themselves as “Dedicated Americans Protecting Democracy.”  The brainchild of such experts as George Conway, Rick Wilson, and Steve Schmidt- all of whom have a proven track record of cowardice and electoral losses- has recently shown their true colors by going all-in for a doddering, senile Democrat candidate and some Senators down the ballot.  For example, they have targeted Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John James in Michigan indicating that they prefer Jaime Harrison in South Carolina and socialist Gary Peters in Michigan.  If this is “protecting democracy,” they need to re-evaluate their definition of democracy.

They claim in their Twitter profile to have 2.2 million followers although one has to question how many of those 2.2 million followers actually believe the bile they spew forth.  For example, I follow them, but I disagree with them 100%.  Occasionally, they will trot out some 2016 Trump voter- usually an overweight cow- to explain why they will not vote for Trump in 2020.  Some of the videos seem even worse than the Biden scripted deliveries.  In either case, they have never met a Trump policy with which they agree, nor have they met a Democrat policy with which they disagree.  In short, they are a de facto tool of the DNC and Biden campaign.  The saddest part is that they do not realize it themselves.

One of their recent lines of attack seems to intimate that the Biden strategy of hiding in his basement and a television advertisement blitz coupled with a lack of Trump ads is paying dividends.  In other words, Trump is “pulling” ads because he knows the election is lost or because he has squandered campaign donations and cannot afford to run advertisements.

If anything, this indicates the politically prehistoric mindset of these losers.  Thirty second Biden commercials can be muted, or the channel changed.  You do not even have to get off the sofa anymore to do it!  Research shows that over successive cycles, such mass media campaign commercials have paid fewer and fewer dividends over the years.  To wit, if Biden wants to spend $200 million on an ad blitz, it is likely almost $200 million wasted.

This is sort of like the yard sign thing.  One ventures that in any state- red, blue or purple- one will find enclaves of support for one candidate or another.  In my home district, if you go to Cape May County, there is nothing but Trump/Pence signs, flags, and banners.  Cross the inlet into Atlantic County, not so much.  But one thing you also will not find too much of in Atlantic County is Biden/Harris signs.  I am sure there are some out there, but I have yet to find them.

As for those annoying television commercials for Biden, embarking on a $200 million ad blitz is more indicative of doubts about his electoral chances in key swing states.  Living in the Philadelphia media market, the number of Biden commercials outnumber those for Trump maybe 10:1.  But to what effect?  Do they honestly believe Biden supporters are sitting there listening and cheering on Biden’s latest promise to do this, that, or everything?  Do they honestly believe the plethora of Biden promises will be believed by Trump supporters?  Do they believe the undecided voter sits there and thinks, “Gee…he sounds like a nice fella?”

Regardless, it should also be noted that as the President of the United States, Trump gets ample free advertisement by virtue of a press conference, coverage of a rally, or coverage of a speech.  Why the need for Trump to spend $200 million on advertisements when he can get the same thing for free?  Even then, the criticisms come hot and heavy.  Many of those who rant for the Lincoln Project are the same ones who selectively edit snippets of rallies, speeches, and press conferences when they are not wringing their hands over the lack of social distancing or a few people not wearing masks.

Meanwhile, they back a candidate who draws circles in abandoned warehouses and open fields while wearing a mask 20 feet away from the nearest human.  They back a candidate who cannot accurately read a Teleprompter when answering scripted questions.  They back a candidate who leaves an airplane and waves to non-existent people in an open airfield (maybe he sees the ghost of Beau?).

You would think that if anyone in the Lincoln Project had any sense of self-respect they would just silently fade away.  But at this point in the game, they are too invested with a visceral hatred of all things Trump that they have actually convinced themselves they truly are protecting democracy.  They are like the antisocial personality disorder sufferer who honestly believes the lie is the truth to the point they pass a lie detector test with flying colors.

They constantly fall for every “bombshell” that is the never-ending next downfall of Trump from the Russian collusion hoax to the impeachment nonsense to Bob Woodward’s book to Russian bounties.  One of their latest tweets seems to find glee that sometime in the near future 200,000 Americans will die from the Chinese flu, then state “soon to be 500,000.”  Well, no…first comes 300,000, then 400,000.  Quick to dismiss anti-vaxxers in other contexts, they distrust a Covid vaccine only because Trump.

The funniest part, if it wasn’t the scariest part, is that people like Conway, Schmidt, Wilson and Charlie Sykes are useful tools of #TheResistance and the Leftists who want to seize control of this country.  Once that goal is ever achieved, they will find themselves in the gulag along with the rest of us detestable deplorables.  They may get there a few days later, but they will be there.