The White, Male Patriarchy Is a Good Thing... Really, It Is

(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

Don’t ask me why- just noodling around in the depths of the Internet one day- I came across an article that popped out at me- “Four Racist Stereotypes White Patriarchy Invented to ‘Protect’ White Womanhood-” on a website called everydayfeminism.com.  Let’s take a look at these “stereotypes” against the backdrop of reality.

The first is the “myth” of the “black brute.”  The article states as Gospel truth: “The ‘Black Brute’ stereotype was mainly used as an explanation for why Black people needed to be kept enslaved – namely through perpetuating the idea that that Black men uncontrollably preyed on white women.”   I think slavery was abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment enacted very soon after the Civil War.  The author cites that even still, it was used to justify lynchings and killings while offering up one example- that of Emmett Till.

This writer is not downplaying lynchings because they certainly occurred in relatively large numbers in the aftermath of the Civil War, and especially in the period of 1865-1877.  In those 12 years, more than half the documented lynchings occurred.  But, one is hard-pressed to find verifiable documentation of many lynchings after 1964.  In fact, according to the NAACP, hardly a disinterested bystander, from 1882-1968, about 73% of all “lynchings” involved black victims.  Regardless, the author of the article goes onto state that lynchings continued as an outgrowth of Jim Crow and residual racism.  Then they make this bold statement, not rooted in reality: “Black men are still seen as animalistic things that are incapable of anything but violence – and thus need to be killed because of it.”

With all due respect, one is hard-pressed to believe that this mindset is somehow hard-wired into white people.  Regardless, the black community could conceivably do themselves a favor by taking into account the violence within their community.  They could do themselves a favor by dropping the attitude when approached by a cop.  Very few white people today believe that blacks are “animalistic things.”

Unfortunately, the government does not really keep statistics on sexual assaults with granular specificity as they do other crimes.  But, we do have studies from the past.  One from the 1970s showed that black against white victim rape was ten times more common than white against black victim of rape.  If we parse through DOJ statistics, we find that blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a crime against a white person, than vice versa.  There are a reported 35,000 cases of black against white rape, but only 9 cases of white against black victim rape.  More information can be found here.

The second alleged stereotype is the “yellow peril.”  Here, the author just goes completely off the rails.  The only “yellow peril” is the loss of jobs to Asians and the exportation of deadly viruses.  Again, the author dives deeply into history and conveniently ignores the reality of today.

Third, they cite the “Muslim predator.”  They quote another author who stated Muslims are: “…“increasingly portrayed persons associated with the category ‘Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim’ as not only culturally backward, uncivilized, exotic, or potentially dangerous, but also as potential enemies of the U.S.”  Considering that many Muslim countries are one step removed from the Bronze Age…

Also, to the best of my knowledge, Bjorn and Anders from Sweden were not flying airliners into buildings on 9/11/01, and it was not John Smith from England shooting up Fort Hood.  It is ironic that the most stable Muslim governments and countries are those that are more Westernized than others.  The author also conveniently ignores Muslim patriarchy which makes the Western, white male patriarchy look like small potatoes.  The author states that Muslims are portrayed as “misogynist.”  Well, if the shoe fits…

Finally, we have the “Hispanic criminal” stereotype.  Naturally, the author trots out President Trump as the prime example.  History speaks for itself.  Trump never said that everyone crossing the southern border were rapists and murderers.  However, you’d have to live in a bubble to not know that many illegal aliens have been arrested for murder and rape.  Personally, I do not believe that the vast majority of illegal immigrants come here to rape and murder Americans, but saying that murderers and rapists among the illegal population should be ignored so as to kill the stereotype is a tall order to swallow.

According to Judicial Watch, over 90% of illegal immigrants arrested in the United States had criminal records or pending charges running the gamut of violations, including rape and murder.  Yes- the majority enter the country illegally and keep a clean nose for the most part (other than entering the country illegally in the first place), but are we to ignore the 2,700 battery and domestic violence offenses, the 6,100 drunk driving charges, and 600 sexual assaults?

Here’s the thing: If you want to stop the stereotyping, stop being the stereotype.  Although we know that will never happen and some cases will be trotted out in “A-ha” fashion, the author of this article ignores a very important fact.  The vast majority of white, male Americans do not believe blacks are “brutes,” Asians are a “peril,” or Hispanics are “criminals.”  The jury is still out on Muslims being “predators” and there is a reason for that.

That reason is that the white male patriarchy, or Western civilization if you will, stands in stark contrast and in direct opposition to the Muslim world with its own brand of patriarchy.  Western civilization has lifted women and minorities up higher in a short period of time, relatively speaking, and certainly much better than the Muslim world.  In the interest of BS like “intersectionality” (a made-up term that got some Gender Studies student a thesis approval), many of these “everyday feminists” do not even realize the drivel they spout would never be tolerated in a Muslim country.  In a country where gay marriage is now the “law of the land” (thanks, Anthony Kennedy), gays are imprisoned in Muslim countries.  Instead of considering today as some remnant of the days of slavery long past, why not criticize those countries (largely Muslim) that still practice slavery?

Today’s feminist does not know what “oppression” is because they do not suffer any oppression.  Instead, they have to look for silly ideas to perpetuate their existence.  Can you imagine a country if we gave every Loony Tune feminist, BLM, illegal immigrant, or Muslim everything on their list of demands?  There may not be a white male patriarchy anymore, but we would also be returned to the Stone Age.