Apparently, A New Constitutional Amendment

(Cory Morse/The Grand Rapids Press via AP)

Amid all the peaceful protesting and masked men and women nicely escorting senators to their hotels in DC recently, unnoticed was passage of the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  It was finally passed when the NHL suspended the Stanley Cup playoffs making them the umpteenth sports league to let out a large fart of virtue signaling.  You should be aware of this new amendment and children will be taught to recite it when schools reopen in 2029.  It states simply:

A black man need not submit to an arrest if he is not in the mood to be arrested.

See that?  Nineteen simple little words- short, sweet and to the point.  It’s fewer words than that troublesome Preamble thing I had to learn in fifth grade.

Not to make light of the subject, but that is where it appears we have become as a Nation.  I speak of that fine, upstanding citizen of Wisconsin, the infamous Jacob Blake- the latest in a long line of black martyrs with the only difference being this one survived a police shooting.

It seems the police knew there was an arrest warrant out for the guy and they actually tried to arrest him.  But Jacob Blake invoked his 28th Amendment rights and refused.  Apparently, being arrested would have interfered with his plans that day which included loading his three kids in a van and taking his girlfriend’s vehicle.  Of course, Mr. Blake’s lawyers initially lied about his presence at the house, but what’s a lie since the 28th Amendment trumps lawyer lies.

This is the same Jacob Blake who in 2015 pulled a gun in a bar.  When the Racine police caught up to him, he resisted arrest and rushed the cops.  Seems he did not realize the 28th Amendment was not ratified yet.  Luckily, Dozer- the prized Racine police dog- took a chunk out of him which required treatment in a hospital.  By the way, he had a gun in his SUV that time.  Maybe instead of social workers, we should teach dogs to drive police cars and respond to calls.

Incidentally, those charges were dropped by the DA because…well, there was the pending ratification of the 28th Amendment and it happened a few years previous before they decided to do anything, so Jacob Blake got the benefits of the 28th Amendment before it was ratified.

The recent incident sickened Joe Biden so much he slurred such.  He said:

Equal justice has not been real for Black Americans and so many others. We are at an inflection point. We must dismantle systemic racism.

Of course, “systemic” is a Leftist codeword for something that cannot be seen, measured, or proven false. It’s all really quite unscientific and quite rich coming from a man who says “follow the science.”

You know what is systemic?  The fact that too many blacks do not think the laws apply to them, or that they should not be arrested if they do not feel like being arrested, or that they can just shoot up a family barbecue, street fair, or funeral because they hold some grudge against someone.

You know what is scientific?  Statistics that show that blacks are 13.4% of the population, but responsible for 54.9% of homicides (according to 2018 FBI statistics).    Here’s another statistic: over the past five years, blacks account for 26.4% of those killed by cops.  So taking the two together, if 45% of homicides are committed by non-blacks, why are 73.6% of police shooting victims nonblack?  I would say that is a great case for formation of a Nonblack Lives Matter movement.

The attitude expressed in the 28th Amendment may work in a video game, but not in real life.  So it begs an important question: why do blacks seem to make really bad decisions compared to nonblack people when it comes to crime and violence?  Could it be genetic, or is it a terribly askew social construct within the black community.  Perhaps, it is both nature and nurture.  Or maybe it is an attitude planted in their heads by some “black community leaders.”

At the very least, we should not embolden self-destructive stupidity and act like the Democrats do.  No one dares tell the black the community that these attitudes are the infrastructure of their own problems.

The best way to stop the negative stereotypes is to stop being and acting out like the stereotype.  Perhaps, if they stopped actually being disproportionately responsible for homicides in the United States, that would be a great start.  And the next time the police say they are taking you in on an outstanding warrant, perhaps not diving head first into a van with three children would be a better life decision.