Taking It To the Streets: It WILL Get a Lot Worse!

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

For the past 90 days or so, we saw rioting, looting and violence in the streets of Portland, Oregon.  In the wake of the death of George Floyd, despite any facts emerging from the case, rage ensued across the country is cities like Seattle, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and St. Louis.  Instead, we were treated to some video of a man screaming, “I can’t breathe” while being restrained by a police officer using a department-approved restraining technique at the time.  Now we know that he died from pulmonary edema likely caused by a “high” amount of Fentynl in his blood.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, 19 seconds of video absent context led to two days of rioting, looting and arson.  Two dead bodies and loss of use of an arm one day later, it stopped.  A criminal takes his own life in Minneapolis and social media spreads the rumor he was killed by police.  The response?  Ransack and loot a Target store and break some windows.

In the incredible rush to judgment, such “luminaries” as LeBron James (apparent IQ- somewhere south of 75) essentially leads a boycott of basketball games because some Darwin Award winner resists arrest in Kenosha and gets shot.  MLB, tennis, MLS and even the NHL cancels games and playoff tournaments.

Then on the night President Trump gives his acceptance speech, those who attended are accosted, cursed at, spit upon, threatened, and harassed in vile depictions of human behavior.

There are three observations to be discerned from these events.  Despite ample video footage chronicled on these pages by the likes of shipwreckedcrew, Nick Arama, streiff, Brad Slager, bonchie, and many others, those violent and vile behaviors have been depicted as “peaceful protesters,” or the “mostly peaceful protests” by those in the mainstream media.  They are accomplices in the carnage and deaths.  Every business lost, every structure destroyed, every live lost is partially on them.  Only when the nightly  mayhem starts to affect the poll numbers of Joe Biden do they call out the violence, and then only for that reason.

The second point is social media which takes 19 seconds of video completely out of context and turns it into the latest cause celebre.  Without knowing all the facts, drug addicts like George Floyd and criminals like Jacob Blake are suddenly innocent victims of a systemically racist law enforcement apparatus.  They are the saints of “the revolution.”  A registered sex offender, an anarchist, and an apparent career criminal are shot in an act of self-defense (I don’t care where the shooter was from, why he was there, his age, or the nuances of Wisconsin gun laws), and they are transformed into “a jokester” and a “fine boy.”

Social media can be a great thing, but like all good things, it could be used for bad.  Everyone today who has a cell phone with a camera (everyone) is a potential journalist.  But without context, 19 seconds of video, although admittedly disturbing at first glance, you are not a “potential journalist.”  You also are an accomplice in the mayhem, violence and death.  Instead of filming an incident for 19 seconds and immediately posting to social media, perhaps a better use would be using it as “evidence” in an investigation.  There is no due process and guarantee of rights on social media or the mainstream media.  Instead, nineteen seconds of video gets you fifteen minutes of fame- quite a ratio.

Then again, if not for social media and the brave work of people like Andy Ngo and others, the mainstream media would bury the violence and mayhem and rebrand it “mostly peaceful.”

But for all of this, perhaps the most disgusting actor is the Democrat Party.  A person is chided on the street for saying “all lives matter,” yet not a single Democrat, including their alleged leader, Joe Biden, can condemn the violence without qualifiers or obfuscating or, in some cases, providing excuses for the violence.  Kamala Harris gleefully endorses it on late night television shows.

After Trump’s acceptance speech, in what could only be explained as a security clusterf***, those in attendance are attacked on the street by mobs of people, some of them in need of a demonic exorcism or some serious medication.  A sitting member of the United States Senate, Rand Paul, fears for the life of his wife and himself amid threats of rape and murder and has to be escorted to his hotel by a phalanx of DC police on bikes.

This writer can guarantee that after this, Senate Minority Leader Upchuck Schumer, Nancy “Twitchy” Pelosi, or Dick(head) Durbin will not condemn the action of the mob on the streets of DC without equivocation.  They will give grand speeches on the floor of the House or Senate, but I guarantee you they will follow the “condemnation” with some qualifier.  If people like Mazie Hirono cannot call out antifa for violence when given the opportunity in a Senate hearing and instead walk out, can we expect any more from the Democrat “leadership” in Congress?  When Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) actually calls for unrest in the streets, can we expect any better from Pelosi who cowers before “the squad?”  When Democrat mayors from Seattle to Baltimore encourage, through action and words, the violence of the “peaceful protesters,” do not expect condemnation at the local level either.

For as obviously bad as it has been, when President Trump is re-elected- and the more they act out and people see it, they turn more voters to Trump, so we should be thankful for that- I am afraid you have not seen anything yet.  Will there even be an Inauguration gala, parade, and swearing-in on the steps of the Capitol?  Will people be able to even get to the Mall?  If anything, Washington DC would be the last place this writer would want to be come January 19-21, 2021.

You couple this scene with those when the officers charged with homicide in the George Floyd death are acquitted and/or when the murder charges are dropped against Kyle Rittenhouse, this country will explode in a volley of violence.  I am convinced of this given the actions of the mob to this point.  There is a lot of hatred out there on the streets, the overwhelming majority of it on the Left.  But there is a lot of frustration on the Right.  This will not get better until the body count increases and the Leftist mobs crawl back under the rocks from whence they came.  That is where we are headed.