Nike Goes For Broke Woke

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)


Nike, the company that brings you shoes and a heaping load of social justice pablum, recently outdid themselves with a 90-second commercial light on swoosh and heavy on virtue.   The commercial is titled “You Can’t Stop Us” although one wonders who is trying to stop whom from doing what.  Admittedly, it is a marvel of split-screen technology where editors reportedly sifted through over 4,000 hours of film.  The folks at Nike and the advertising agency have a lot of time on their hands.

My favorite image is the young Muslim girl on a skateboard complete with female Muslim garb transforming before our very eyes into what I believe is a transgender or transsexual skateboarder carrying a smoking gay pride rainbow flag.  Seriously…you cannot make this stuff up, but someone did.  And what commercial of this nature would not be complete without the voice of Megan Rapinoe, who I hear is some kind of women’s soccer star, lecturing us about “not stopping us.”

As for that skateboarder, the hypocrisy is unintentionally (I assume) astounding.  Redefining the phrase “radical Muslim,” are they somehow suggesting that transgenders, transsexuals or even your average run-of the-mill homosexual is tolerated in Islam?  I seem to remember videos of gays being tossed off buildings and beaten to death by mobs below if they survived.  I seem to remember reading many an article about homosexuals imprisoned in Muslim countries.  A look at a map that makes homosexuality a criminal offense is available here and I invite the reader to look at it.  Seems like the entire Muslim world is involved.

OK- despite the accolades the ad has received as a piece of modern film art, they kind of goofed with the skateboarder.  But surely they were aware of the Uighur Muslims slaving away in Nike factories in China, right?  Or is Nike again just cashing in on “this moment in history” much like Walmart that dedicated $100 million to a “racial equity” center.

Now Nike has donated money to Black Lives Matter which is simply a nice, “woke” name for a Marxist organization (by their own admission).  In fact, they have thrown in about $40 million into the BLM kitty and associated groups in what can be best be described as a corporate self-inflicted shakedown.  All that Nike “progressivism,” “wokeness,” and “believing in something” by featuring Colin Kaepernick complete with uncontrolled Ghia Pet growth on his head is somewhat ironic.

Besides taking full advantage of slave labor in China, it seems Nike also plays both sides of the political coin.  At the end of the day, Nike thrives in the corporate capitalist world which those groups- to whom they contribute and pander to with commercials- want to destroy.  For you see, when push comes to shove, Nike has a tendency to contribute to those evil Republicans.  Says OpenSecrets.org:

Nike gave 78 percent of political contributions to Republicans this cycle (2018). With a couple notable exceptions like the 2008 and 2016 election cycles, Nike has a track record of giving much more to Republicans than Democrats in the past decade. During the 2010, 2012 and 2014 election cycles, Nike gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republicans, with 76 percent, 69 percent and 59 percent of their contributions going to the GOP in each of those cycles respectively. Nearly half of Nike’s political spending has come from individual contributions made by co-founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny.

In the name of ending non-existent oppression, Nike has upped the advertisement and propaganda ante.   If they want to fight true oppression, perhaps an advertisement criticizing the treatment of gays in your average Muslim country will suffice.  Well, they cannot do that because then “Islamophobia.”  Closer to home, maybe they should consider not making products using slave labor in China.  In the meantime, maybe they should just STFU.

Incidentally, in 90 seconds of commercial and over an alleged 4,000 hours of footage review, they could not find one single ice hockey example?  As the NHL playoffs start, only one of over 400 players knelt for the National Anthem- a rather inconsequential ratio.  Professional ice hockey may be the last bastion of sanity in today’s world.  To wit: we still have the Black Hawks, not the Chicago Hockey Team.