Absolutely No to Juneteenth Whatsoever...No Way, No How

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

First off, I confess my ignorance of Juneteenth until recently, but it must be something since it has its own Wikipedia page.  From the best I can gather, it is a celebration of the the victory of Union forces in Texas and started out as a celebration specific to that state.  That is all well and good and if Texas wants to celebrate an event specific to Texas, so be it.  Perhaps making Bruce Springsteen’s birthday can become a state holiday in New Jersey, or New York can establish Stonewall Riots Remembrance Day.

Second, some historical facts are in order.  The Emancipation Proclamation did not necessarily free the slaves.  There were political considerations on the part of Lincoln in issuing it.  It shifted the “cause” of the Civil War from preserving the union to freedom for slaves.  It helped prevent European countries- many opposed to slavery- from entering the conflict.  But the Emancipation Proclamation was effective insofar it was backed up by the military might of the Union forces.  Because Lincoln issued it, slavery did not magically end and, as the whole idea of Juneteenth proves, existed until June 19, 1865- almost three years after Lincoln delivered his Proclamation on September 22, 1862.  Even after 600,000 people laid dead and thousands more injured and maimed in the Civil War Lincoln realized the drawbacks of his proclamation because it was not until February 1865 that he submitted a resolution to Congress calling for the passing of what would become the 13th Amendment.

In fact, an initial attempt to pass the 13th Amendment when Lincoln was still President failed in the House by falling short of the two-thirds majority for passage.  As far as amendments go, it is not wordy, and to the point.  Once it cleared the House, the states passed it in short order, some under the heel of occupying Union forces.  Regardless, the rest is history.  Historically, if one wants to create a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in America, that would be December 18th- the day the 13th Amendment was officially ratified.

Enter today’s latest rendition of virtue signaler extraordinaire(s)- Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Mark Lankford (R-OK)- to propose making Juneteenth a national holiday to replace Columbus Day in October.  Why not since doing so would be a double virtuous whammy- celebrate “the end” of slavery while eliminating celebrating that white, genocidal Italian sailing under the Spanish flag who could not navigate his way to Asia with three ships at his disposal?  It is a virtual virtuous win-win.  Of course, this senatorial dynamic duo of virtuosity portray their proposal as exchanging one national holiday for another in the interest of economics.

Let’s be real here.  Juneteenth will not be a holiday, although given the trajectory of things, Columbus Day may be jettisoned.  If you can roll a statue of Columbus into the Baltimore harbor and remove another from a city named after Columbus, what’s sacrificing a holiday?  Even if their proposal was to succeed, do Johnson and Lankford honestly believe it will mean a damn thing to the crazies running amok in the streets?  Their proposal is a dishonest and bald-faced display of virtue to such a degree it is almost vomit-worthy.  In the name of virtue, if you given an inch, the Left will bludgeon you and bury you in a ton of sludge from New York and New Jersey.

A word of advice to politicians who would follow in the footsteps of Johnson and Lankford: grow a damn spine, open your eyes, or better yet… just STFU.