Why #MeToo Became a Joke

(Pool Image via AP)

With pervert Harvey Weinstein safely behind bars and another one safely in the ground, the so-called #MeToo movement has sputtered of late.  It is not because Weinstein is in jail or Epstein is dead, either.  Given the sheer number of allegations at the height of the hysteria, it would appear that Hollywood, boardrooms, and God knows what else are seething cauldrons of unrestrained testosterone.  It seemed a feeding frenzy at one point where stories were coming out- sometimes two a day- that brought down the high and mighty.

Originally, there was widespread speculation that the entertainment industry would have to change their ways.  But along the way, things started to shift.  The first dynamic which depleted the strength of #MeToo is what this writer calls the “F&N Phenomena.”  When you repeat certain words often enough, sooner or later the listener tunes it out.  The “F” comes from an ex-neighbor of mine who would use the F-word in every sentence, sometimes as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb.  The “N” comes from an episode of South Park about the use of the “N” word which basically came to the same conclusion- it’s just a word that loses power the more it is used.  That is what happened with #MeToo.  The more people came forward, the more people stopped listening.

The second reason is that instead of being a force for good and rooting out the perverted “business as usual” in the entertainment industry, it transformed into a modern day national Salem Witch Trial.  It probably started with Amber Heard and her accusations against Johnny Depp.  There was a “listen and believe” attitude when those accusations surfaced.  But when evidence surfaced that Heard was an abuser herself and may have faked evidence, she was no better than a writhing adolescent on the floor of a Salem courthouse in 1692.

The movement transformed from being an encouragement of justice for those wronged and became a cudgel to be used against people for a show of social power.  A perfect example is the saga of comedian Aziz Ansari where an embarrassing consensual act gone wrong was portrayed as something other than what it was.  Accusations not vetted replaced the more rational “trust but verify” approach.  Joe Biden encouraged us to “believe women” at our own peril.  For a movement that pretended to be a positive one, that was a pretty scary attitude to adopt.

The #MeToo movement, however, proverbially jumped the shark with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings where Democrats decided to rhetorically rape a damaged woman with scurrilous charges against a Supreme Court nominee.  Alyssa Milano- an unabashed Democrat and Biden supporter- appeared daily in the gallery of the hearing room staring holes into the back of Kavanaugh’s head while tweeting out updates in her “Believe All Women” T-shirt.  Now spring forward a couple of years and Alyssa Milano has a newfound love for due process since Joe Biden is now the target of sexual assault charges more likely than those leveled against Brett Kavanaugh when he was still a minor in high school.  Perhaps that is why Milano is so two-faced: give Biden more due process because he was a senator at the time of the accusations.

Say what you want about Rose McGowan’s politics and views (she was Milano’s co-star on Charmed).  At least she is more consistent than Milano.  In fact, this has opened up a running feud between the two with McGowan calling Milano a “fraud.”  Milano does not seek justice for the true victims of sexual assault at the hands of powerful men.  She seeks retribution against alleged perpetrators of sexual assault provided they have an “R” after their name.

Exposing sexual predators and bringing them to justice should cross partisan lines as a preferred outcome.  Both sides want scumbags punished.  In fact, the biggest villain is now behind bars.  His conviction proved that anyone can be slain if people come forward and assist law enforcement in building a case.  With the dragon slain, are there any more villains?  Given the number of accusations- some of them proven and some not- it would appear there is only one left, but he has a “D” after his name and he’s running for president.

#MeToo has run its course.  If all it has left is selectively targeting political enemies, then it has transformed into an unofficial arm of the DNC.  No one likes being lied about and no one likes being lied to.  And if the voices of #MeToo cannot stay consistent, then they will eat each other- not necessarily a bad thing.

At this point, we should encourage true victims to come forward.  Anything beyond that is unwanted garbage.  The Left took something that could have been used for positive cultural change- keeping the willies of the Harvey Weinsteins in their pants- and turned into a national joke.