Charles Blow: A Social Justice Cockroach

Charles Blow: A Social Justice Cockroach
Katie Couric

Since 2008, Charles Blow has been a “columnist” for the New York Times.  Ever one on the look out for anything racial, the correctly last-named Blow (it should be Blowhard) recently penned an article called “The Brother Killer” regarding the Wuhan virus.

Let’s take a step back for a moment.  This virus is a scary and unsettling thing for everyone.  People are collectively worried about their health and finances.  A cough or sniffle could be a medical calamity.  Every missed paycheck brings one closer to economic calamity.  Originally, we were told that the virus was a world problem, not a Wuhan problem.  How dare the President of the United States stand before the American people and declare it the “Chinese virus?”

The social justice fascists came out of the woodwork, from behind closed doors in Congress and in the media to decree that the coronavirus was not to be attached to ethnic identity.  Blaming it on China or Chinese culture which included some very strange culinary practices like “wet markets” and eating bats and exotic animals was somehow “racist.”  It was even suggested during a Trump press conference that labeling where the virus originated would result in “hate crimes” against Asian-Americans.  Maybe some in-bred knuckle-walkers believe that Asian-Americans go to “wet markets” in the nearest Chinatown, or that Asian-Americans are out there with nets trying to catch a bat for dinner, but no one was disparaging Asian-Americans whatsoever.

Bill Maher managed to collectively wad the panties of the woke brigade when he accurately and correctly attacked those who would deny facts blaming China.  An idiot racist is going to be a racist no matter what you call the disease.

But things have changed , which brings me to Charles Blow.  The latest edict handed down by the social justice woke brigade is that the Wuhan flu is inherently racist because it “disproportionately” affects black people.

Do you understand this?  The Wuhan flu is not about identity… until it is about identity.

Blow’s argument is that the disease affects black men more because they make up a larger proportion of prison populations, the homeless, and people living in poverty when compared to the US population at large.  Blow states, “For these (black) men, the devastating effects of this virus may be as much about pre-existing social conditions as pre-existing medical ones.”

This writer believes a more accurate line would have gone something like this: “for people of all colors, races, and ethnicities, the bad effects of this virus may be about pre-existing social conditions.”  But, Blow is a “brother” and he speaks for the “brothers,” so Blow is blinded by his preoccupation with race which is simply a huge chip on this brother’s shoulders.

The Wuhan virus is not about black men in prison, poor black men, or homeless black men.  It is about people stuck in those positions being susceptible to any disease.  The virus, like all viruses, does not care about your race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation.  It cares only about propagating itself- much like the mindset of people like Charles Blow.

Blow ends his piece of journalistic calisthenics in classic fashion:

History has shown that we are callously comfortable averting our gaze away from (black) men like these. We construct racialized rationales that allow us not to care, to say that they courted their fate, that pathology is at play, that one reaps what one sows.

One wonders in what universe does Blow live?  Is he in some Wuhan virus-induced fever state where he conjures up people not caring about those afflicted with the disease?  Only sociopaths and barbarians do not feel empathy for those who have lost their lives or have been hospitalized with the Wuhan virus.

Blow is correct that an alarming number of black people are dying from the disease.  However, he leaves out the fact that an alarming number of whites, Indians, and Latinos are also succumbing to the disease.  In fact, we can say that a lot of people (and not just in the United States) are dying of the disease.  In countries with greater per-capita death rates, they also have less diverse demographics.  Guess what?  A lot of them are in Europe and a lot of Europeans are…surprise- white.

Here is a cold hard fact: the Wuhan virus has killed over 30,000 Americans and more than 130,000 worldwide in over 180 countries, many of them predominantly white.  No matter how bad it is or can be, there is one certainty in this world- it will never kill social justice wokeness or silence those who mentally masturbate while fanning racial division.  Like the proverbial cockroach that could survive a nuclear holocaust, people like Charles Blow will always be there because he has the back of “the brothers.”

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