Viruses, AIDS, Chinese and Homosexuals

Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

On April 7th, the well-respected journal Nature ran an article titled “Stop the Coronavirus Stigma Now!”  It insisted that the Covid-19 virus should not be associated with Wuhan or China even though the virus originated there either through release from a lab or Chinese culinary practices.  Instead, we were to avoid stigmatizing the Chinese.

This has happened before and allow this writer to harken back to another era- specifically, July 27, 1982.  On that day, the CDC convened a meeting with the NIH, FDA, the Red Cross, people from the gay community, and blood banks to announce that a baffling new disease- then referred to as the “gay cancer-” was blood-born.  It noted that people other than gays were being infected by donated blood.  That is, the nation’s blood supply was tainted with what would become known as AIDS.  The CDC recommended that gay men stop donating blood until a test was devised to screen donations (no test existed at the time).  The CDC asked for assistance in getting the word out. Dr. B.L. Evatt of the CDC described the results of that meeting:

Homosexuals were major blood donors in the large cities on the east and west coasts. It was thought that singling out homosexuals for exclusion would unnecessarily stigmatize them without evidence that they were indeed transmitting the disease. The blood industry, threatened by losing a large donor pool, strongly supported the position of the gay groups on this issue.

The CDC was saying nothing about homosexual behavior and no one was asking them to stop being gay.  They were merely being asked to stop donating blood until a reliable test could be developed.  According to Evatt, the only result of that meeting was agreement that the new disease would be called AIDS because the new name suggested the problem extended beyond the gay community.

Put this in perspective: the gay community was informed of a disaster in the making and one that could kill thousands of innocent people.  They were asked to make a small sacrifice- stop donating blood.  They responded with resistance because to do so would stigmatize homosexuals.  As an added bonus, a new name was given the disease.

The gay community in 1982 saw greater harm in the name of a disease than they did in saving lives.  Welcome to 2020!  The Chinese government along with the WHO behaved exactly like the gays in 1982.

In early January 1983, the CDC again, armed with more scientific information proving AIDS was blood-born, convened another meeting with the Red Cross, blood banks, hemophiliac advocacy groups and the National Gay Task Force (note: in 1983, they were gay, not the “LGBTQ community”).  Again the CDC tried to persuade these groups to take collective action to protect the nation’s blood supply. Instead, the groups issued a joint statement suggesting that to heed CDC advice would lead to discrimination against and stigmatization of the gay community.  One of the participants, immunologist Roger Enlow, later crowed to the press that he attended the meeting as a “proud gay man” first and a scientist second.

Internal documents from the Red Cross after that meeting show that the organization was more concerned about lawsuits from gay advocacy groups than they were about lawsuits from hemophiliacs and other blood recipients infected with AIDS-tainted blood.  They did agree to a screening question protocol asking about IV drug use, travel to certain countries, and blood diseases, but those documents specifically refused to question anyone about their sexual preferences.  The irony is mind-boggling.  The Red Cross was willing to ask about the victims of tainted blood but not the people who infected the blood supply- homosexuals.

The Red Cross was correct about the threat of lawsuits.  The National Hemophilia Foundation issued a warning about blood donated by homosexuals.  The National Gay Task Force immediately filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination and persecution.

Dr. Enlow went on to become the Director of Gay and Lesbian Health in New York City.  There he continued his fight against stigmatization and downplayed the documented research on the link between AIDS transmission and rectal trauma.

As with AIDS, members of identity groups and their willing intersectional allies are putting “offense” before public health.  Instead, in-group actions are defended lest the in-group’s actions be stigmatized.  In 1982-1983, it was anal sex; in 2020, it is wet markets and eating bats, or whatever the origin.  In fact, these groups seem to take some bizarre “glee” when their diseases and viruses escape the in-group into the general population.  The gay community cheered on the AIDS moniker over “gay cancer” just as people now refer to a Chinese virus as the more scientific-sounding Covid-19, novel coronavirus, an “international pandemic,” or “Trump’s virus.”

It should be noted that the number of people who innocently contracted AIDS through tainted blood donated by gays is estimated in the tens of thousands.  That is not counting transfusion recipients and hemophiliacs who were unaware of infection.

Today, “respected” scientific journals, aided and abetted by Communist Chinese propaganda, are doing everything to rebrand the disease.  This is regardless of the fact that it started in China and it was the actions of the Chinese people and/or lab, and the government cover-up of its source, spread, and seriousness that has created today’s pandemic.

Now that it is a global concern, we are already hearing talk about how we can later play the “blame game.”  This is simply an attempt to whitewash history and eventually as we move on, people will have short memories and forget about the source and cause of the pandemic.  They are counting on the public forgetting about China’s role much like many forgot those warnings about the blood supply in 1982 and 1983.  The Chinese and their willing allies here and around the world will expend more energy and effort erasing the truth than most people will expend remembering it.

In the aftermath of 9/11, a popular phrase arose: “Never forget.”  That phrase needs to be resurrected and no one should be made to forget that this virus is Chinese in origin and was spread by the Chinese.  This is not stigmatization; this is truth.