Fiddling and Blood on Hands, or Imagining a Biden Presidency

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

In the span of one week, the demagoguery of Democrats and their media enablers was on full display.  New York City mayor Comrade de Blasio claimed that President Trump “…will not lift a finger to help his hometown.”  Nancy Pelosi told CNN’s Jake Tapper “As Trump fiddles people are dying” in a sad attempt to portray Trump as a modern-day Nero which, all things considered, is a step above the previous suggestions that he is a modern day Hitler.  On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked the senile Joe Biden, “Do you think the president has blood on his hands.”  In a rare moment of lucidity, Biden could not bring himself to go there.  Why should he?  Todd did it for him.

Perhaps we should leave Biden alone for the moment and not pile on the elder abuse his puppeteer handlers in the DNC are inflicting on him.  de Blasio may have more blood on his hands.  Previously accusing the President of “playing catch up” with the virus, two days before he was telling New Yorkers to go about your business.  He had to be convinced to cancel their St. Patrick’s Day parade.  His performance as mayor is so bad that the New York Department of Education is investigating the city for forcing some schools to remain open, including one in Brooklyn where a teacher tested positive for Covid-19.  For de Blasio, though, it is better to swing wildly to deflect blame for his own ineptitude.

As for Pelosi, her last-minute stunt delaying a bill mutually agreed upon by both parties delayed for a week much needed aid to hospitals, doctors, and nurses not to mention many, many small businesses, hard-hit industries, and- most importantly- Americans suffering the economic downturn brought on by government actions up and down all levels.  If anyone “fiddled,” it was Nancy Pelosi and her American Gothic sidekick, Chuck Schumer.

But let us look at some cold hard facts.  The American response has been one of the best among developed countries, despite what these political charlatans say. The following shows the infection and death rates per one million population for different countries:

  • United States                    infection rate 400            death rate  7
  • Italy                                    infection rate 1,500         death rate 166
  • Spain                                  infection rate 1,600         death rate 128
  • Switzerland                       infection rate 1,600         death rate 31
  • Germany                           infection rate 700             death rate 5
  • France                                infection rate 600            death rate 35

Most experts agree on one thing.  The reason the infection and death rates are low in the United States is because President Trump early on banned flights from China, and then Europe shortly after that.  To the delight of a certain twice failed presidential candidate, the United States has the most reported cases because we have a population far larger than these other countries.  Her despicable tweet about “America being first” shows her ignorance when it comes to basic math.

That travel ban bought serious time for the United States to develop treatments and prepare for the inevitable arrival of the virus on American shores.  It allowed a few precious weeks to allow the country to replenish its stock of needed medical supplies left depleted by the Obama administration after the swine flu outbreak that occurred under his administration.  While the Trump administration was busy defending itself against impeachment charges, Obama was too busy forcing Obamacare down the throats of Americans instead of restocking needed supplies.  Meanwhile, de Blasio personally told a recent arrival from Italy that there was no need to self-isolate.

In Europe, they refused to ban flights from China.  In fact, they made a show of “hug a Chinese” day in some Italian cities.  Apparently they believed that a display of racial tolerance was a vaccine against the virus.  When the virus exploded in Italy, they were still sending soccer players to France which brought a lot of Italian soccer fans with them.  Europe’s open borders policy was an open invitation for a virus.  The French initially decided against canceling the Paris Fashion Show.  Only when the body count rose, they cancelled it.

IF Trump failed to act decisively early on and IF the Trump administration did not take it seriously enough, then the leaders of Europe were even worse.  There is ample evidence to conclude that those “ifs” are just that with respect to Trump.  Europeans were too preoccupied with their fashion sense, soccer obsessions and moral preening to the point it hindered their medical response.  They are reaping what they sowed.

Which brings us to Joe Biden.  Trying to be the voice of calm and “moderation” during this pandemic, he took to “shadow briefings,” a podcast, and several appearances on television including a one-hour town hall borefest on CNN.  When asked about the depletion of necessary medical protective equipment during the administration of which he was the #2 guy for eight years, Biden said he had nothing to do with that.  Way to go, Joe… run from a difficult question.

Does anyone seriously believe that a President Biden would have banned flights from China early on?  He hails from an administration that delighted in bowing before foreign kings and apologizing for America.  Biden would have taken a page from the Obama playbook and bent over backwards to make a show of “racial tolerance.”  Hint for Joe: viral infections care little about “racial tolerance.”  We know this for a fact because it was Joe Biden who was screaming “xenophobia” in response to Trump’s travel ban from China.  His exact quote is: “We need to lead with science- not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.”

It now appears from the science perspective that the travel ban from China was the correct move.  Science, unfortunately for Biden, is not politically correct, nor does it care about election year campaign soundbites, nor does it embrace Biden’s apparent fetish with xenophobia.

Meanwhile, President Trump appointed his Vice-President, Mike Pence, head of the White House Task Force on coronavirus.  Even Pence’s skeptics and some Democrats are praising his performance.  Does anyone honestly believe that Biden would have ever been appointed to head such a task force at any time during his Vice Presidency?  If he were President, does anyone believe he would have been up to the task?

We do know one thing for certain if Biden were president during this pandemic: there would be a lot less hysteria and panic.  The media would be downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic and fawn over Biden’s handling of it.  Press conferences would be followed by media headlines about how Biden “Calmly reassures the Nation.”  Perhaps, Biden would have eventually and begrudgingly ordered a travel ban from China and Europe, but not after enough people carrying the disease entered the country to make little difference.  He would be stymied and paralyzed by political correctness.

When this pandemic and the associated hysteria pass, Trump will be relentlessly judged on his reaction to it.  But, his successes and any failures should not overshadow those at every level of government below him.  The response to defeating Covid-19 depends on the response by every government official, not just the most visible one.  Perhaps Trump should have avoided Twitter wars with governors (calling them out for their own failures is not off the table, in my opinion) and maybe he should have avoided a food fight with idiots with an agenda masquerading as “journalists.”  He could have used “social distancing” to limit the number of media allowed to ask questions.

Trump is Trump and if anyone believed he would be a different Trump as President than the one on the campaign trail, they seriously misjudged the man.  Faced with a generational crisis, the best they can do is attack a bold leader for lacking genteel refinement.  In one month, Trump has outperformed every European head of state who Democrats hold out as examples of “true leadership.”  He has been a bolder leader than Obama could ever hoped to have been and Biden could hope to be.