No, Cuomo is Not the Answer to the Biden Conundrum

AP Photo/John Minchillo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference alongside the National Guard at the Jacob Javits Center that will house a temporary hospital in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Monday, March 23, 2020, in New York. New York City hospitals are just 10 days from running out of “really basic supplies,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said late Sunday. De Blasio has called upon the federal government to boost the city’s quickly dwindling supply of protective equipment. The city also faces a potentially deadly dearth of ventilators to treat those infected by the coronavirus. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

It seems the Democrats have placed themselves in a real bind.  The presumptive nominee for President, Joe Biden, just keeps stumbling and fumbling putting together incoherent sentences when he can string more than five words together.  Of the 29 candidates in the mix- perhaps only about seven really viable- they are left with a candidate who should rightfully be in a nursing home being spoon fed oatmeal.

The Wuhan virus has created a great opportunity for the DNC to realize the errors of their ways.  They have been seeking a savior to rescue them from their impending loss in November and that current savior seems to be New York governor Andrew Cuomo.  This is the same governor who celebrated an abortion bill that essentially codified infanticide.  If he were to be the eventual replacement for Biden, Trump has a war chest of statements and actions to throw back at Cuomo.  For example, saying that gun owners and pro-life people are not welcome in his state is no way to win over more than half the United States population.  Likewise, making statements that “America was never great” loses even more votes nationally.  Those comments may get applauds from the smarmy Big Apple liberals, but not elsewhere, not even in large swaths of his own state.

Currently, the media is focused on Cuomo and his Covid-19 response which is basically triage right now to overcome his own dereliction of duties as governor.  While his own health officials in the state were calling for him to order more ventilators and protective masks, Cuomo opted for a miniature state version of the Green New Deal as his top priority.  It was also under Cuomo’s watch that fracking in the state was banned costing the Lower Tier counties to lose out to Pennsylvania in that financial bonanza.  But what is that compared to granting state IDs to illegal immigrants?  At least they can get car insurance now, right? (Actually, not)

Trump could dig back further in his political career.  As a top economic adviser to his father, Mario, the state’s economy saw a tremendous decline.  The recession that took out Bush I lasted four years longer in the Empire State than it did nationally.  He was at the helm of HUD when the housing bubble got started.  As a “leader” in New York, Cuomo is “governing” a state bleeding population and is likely to lose a Congressional seat after the Census.  Granted, some of the success of Democrats and Cuomo in New York are directly attributable to an inept Republican apparatus, but Cuomo is certainly not a good leader under any definition of that term.

With respect to this virus and his response, this writer fails to see the so-called “leadership.”  Out of one side of his mouth he denounces confusion from the top on the part of Trump.  From the other side of his mouth, he tells New Yorkers to avoid crowds…and use the subways.  New York City was one of the last major cities to close their school system and while most of the blame for that lies at the feet of Comrade de Blasio, where was Cuomo’s leadership then?  In 2015, when his own state officials warned of a lack of ventilators, Cuomo opted for other things.  Today, Cuomo is basically saying: “I sat on my ass for nine years, now Trump has to give me $50 billion, 40,000 ventilators, and 10 million masks…yesterday.”  When ventilators are delivered, they sit in a warehouse waiting for the “apex,” sure to be entered into our political lexicon right after “social distancing.”

This is passed off as “leadership” when it is nothing but whining and covering for his own incompetence.

The media plays along.  Coronavirus cases and deaths increase across the entire, large country and it is all Trump’s fault.  Trump is responsible for about 350 million people while Cuumo is responsible for 19 million, or 5% of the US population.  Yet while New York accounts for half the cases nationwide and an increasing death toll, this is portrayed as “leadership in a crisis.”  Even the National Review lauded Cuomo’s efforts which shows how low that publication has sunk.  The spin boggles the mind of anyone capable of logical thought.

And so we come to Cuomo’s presidential aspirations and the latest “hope” for the Democrats.  We have been here before.  There was Harris and Warren, Buttigieg and O’Rourke.  They are so desperate for anyone who looks somewhat competent that they will seriously consider a corrupt governor of New York.  The problem right now is that no one outside New York really cares about Andrew Cuomo, and the more they find out, the less he will be liked.  He is yet another Democrat flash-in-the-pan mediocrity.  The journalistic felatio-fest is over Cuomo right now, but he sounds like a demanding, petulant child who did not get what they wanted for Christmas.

It is quite obvious that Cuomo has entered campaign mode.  His daily press conferences prove one thing: he likes to hear himself talk.  He rarely defers to the experts.  He hogs the spotlight.  But in a presidential campaign, it will be the totality of his political career in the spotlight, not three months.

Biden is fading fast, both politically and mentally.  Coupled with the media’s refusal to highlight the shortcomings of Cuomo is dealing with the pandemic, he will not be able to avoid the temptation of being drafted as a presidential contender.  It not that hard a task since it is damn near impossible to portray Biden as any kind of hero.  With Biden’s handlers teaching him how to read a Teleprompter in his basement, the Democrats find themselves in a real pickle.  To wit, Biden makes Cuomo seems almost as competent a candidate as Michael Avenatti.

Remember that Biden still does not have enough delegates to secure the nomination outright.  It is conceivable we can see some kind of “Tele-Convention” where Cuomo is drafted.  But there are two things to consider.  First, with Cuomo’s star rising among Democrats, is it any wonder we are hearing more and more from Hillary Clinton with low-life Tweets and comments in a sad and bitter attempt to stay relevant?  The Clinton cartel is probably developing a file on Cuomo as we speak.  There can be only only one savior, not two.

Second, the Bernie Bros will go absolutely ape s*** if their man is passed over yet again by the DNC.  The fallout from that would be like “The Day After” nuclear wasteland for the Democrat Party.

Bottom line: if Andrew Cuomo parlays his incompetence into a nomination for President, it will be the greatest example of failing upwards in presidential politics since the Democrats nominated failed Civil War General George McClellan in 1864.  And likely with the same results.