Biden: A Racist, Homophobe for a Racist, Homophobic Party

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


A few weeks ago, Joe Biden was a corpse.  Everyone assumed his presidential aspirations, part 4, were over.  He’s still a creepy, plagiarizing, groping, forgetful corpse, but he is going to be the nominee for the Democrats for the office of President.  It was not so much anything he did as it was what was done to those around him, his fellow travelers in that clown car of presidential wannabes, and his own “realizations” that resurrected his chances.  Stay with me…

Think about this: the party that billed itself as a veritable bag of Skittles- a rainbow coalition of diversity- is now down to two old white men.  Even a surfing Hindu female could not make the grade. Could it be that straight white male supremacy is at operation here among the Democrats?

Obviously, some kind of deal was made by the cigar-chomping hunchbacks that rule the Democrats, and the other candidates.  It was kind of strange that so many dropped out simultaneously before Super Thursday, as Biden would say.  Perhaps, their parents or pets were threatened, or they threatened to take away their social media devices.  Maybe they all woke up with a decapitated horse head lying next to them in bed one morning, but something happened.

This was the plan all along.  We started out with some 29 candidates that looked like an explosion in a Sherwin-Williams factory.  We had everything conceivable in the mix.  There was also a lot of female genitalia present.  They even had a man who liked having sex with another man.  One senile, white male ranted against the evils of other white males.

But eventually the racist leaders of the Party stepped in and said, “Enough is enough, already.”  They decided to go for one of their own- a straight white male.  But, wait, you say…what about Bernie?  Isn’t he a straight white male?  Indeed, he is, but one with separate baggage.  You see, he’s Jewish.  Besides, the other choice was so senile, he could be controlled by remote means.

First, they dispatched the black folks- Booker, Harris, Patrick- all gone.  Marianne Williamson, Klobuchar, Warren- the vaginas were next to get kicked to the curb.  The token Mexican, Julian Castro- well, they knew he didn’t have a chance so they had little to do there.  The semi-smart Asian guy?  Out with the bathwater.  Then the gay guy- gone like T-cells in an AIDS patient.  Steyer and Bloomberg?  They were Jewish billionaires- their role is to contribute money, not run for any office!  So what are we left with?  Two straight white males!  All that talk about inclusion and diversity was a ruse to rally the intersectional base.

Now, Sanders continuing to march on.  They’ve made it impossible to win, but one suspects the DNC wants him out there to string out the public humiliation a little longer.  It is probably the most anti-Semitic act since the mid-1940s.  It is no secret why Bernie failed to connect with blacks, especially in South Carolina where I bet my last dollar there are more African-Americans than there are Jews- blacks generally do not like Jews, and it is not racist to raise this observation.  According to that great source of knowledge, Wikipedia:

From 1966, the collaboration between Jews and blacks started to unravel. Jews were increasingly transitioning to middle-class and upper-class status, distancing themselves from blacks…Cruse insisted that Jewish involvement in interracial politics impeded the emergence of “Afro-American ethnic consciousness”. For Cruse, as well as for other black activists, the role of American Jews as political mediator between Blacks and whites was “fraught with serious dangers to all concerned” and must be “terminated by Negroes themselves.”

OK- I’ll go with that.  Jews, of whom 6 million were marched to their death in a short period of time, were edging out blacks for a piece of the victim pie.  And they were becoming successful so there was some jealousy involved.  Chances are that if there was Auschwitz in America, Democrats would be running the place and blacks would look the other way.  Not all of them, mind you, but enough.

Blacks expected the Democrats to be the guardians of their communities, but instead exploited their weaknesses.  In 2020, they told blacks not to listen to the gay guy, the Jewish guy, the woman, or even a black person.  Instead, they said to put your trust in the man who was a lap dog for Obama for eight years.  Of course, Biden never technically owned any slaves, but he did have slaves- black voters.  He surely said some racist things in his past, but what was that compared to knowing a gang-banger called “Corn Pop” and saving black kids in a pool from crocodiles as others played with the blond hairs on his legs?

The Democrats are acutely aware of the anti-Semitism and homophobia that runs through the black community.  The people that Bernie Sanders wanted to help- the low information/high crime blacks- are now safely in Joe Biden’s back pocket, as scary a thought as that might be.  Biden pretends to be the black man’s friend, but he likely wears a metaphorical white hood at night.

As for gays, Biden goes out of his way to prove he is heterosexual.  Every female from 8 months to 80 years has been groped or smelled by Biden when given the opportunity.  And he is no friend of women, either, despite the smelling and groping.  After all, he’s not averse to calling them “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” if they happen to get within his decrepit orbit.  Getting back to gays, Biden exploited that in South Carolina.  I venture there are few blacks in the South who get a warm and fuzzy feeling picturing Pete Buttigieg cuddling with another man under the covers on a cold winter night.

Joe Biden understood this dynamic in South Carolina.  Most Southern Black voters don’t want a gay guy around them in church let alone their kids.  Biden was vowing to protect blacks from gays just as he protected those black kids from alligators in the pools of Delaware.

Both parties may be in favor of white male heterosexual supremacy, but at least the GOP doesn’t hide it with “for-show” celebrations of inclusion and diversity.  It may also be the reason why the Republican Party and, by extension, conservatives are less sexist, less homophobic, less hypocritical and certainly less racist than the Democrats can ever hope to be.  There may not be a “big tent,” but neither is there a “plantation,” “gulags,” or “Konzentrationslag” either.