Is It Right to Blame the Chinese?

Ramil Sitdikov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

There is a lot of suspicion among some on the Right regarding the Wuhan virus and that it is some kind of bioweapon cooked up in a Chinese lab and then deliberately, or accidentally released on the world.  This is conspiracy theory at its most gross form and right up there with no moon landing or the belief that 9/11 was an inside job.  Not only is this a ridiculous notion, but also does a huge disservice to rational thought and actually lets the Chinese government off the hook.  It obscures the fact that the Wuhan virus was a totally predictable phenomena.

More than a decade ago, it was shown that most flu strains- Wuhan virus is a strain of flu- get their start in China.  This is a fact confirmed by a plethora of epidemiologists and virologists.  An AP article in 2004 stated that:

Most flu strains start in China. For much of the past century, Asia has been the cradle of influenza, including two of the three major human flu pandemics. 80% of the new human flu strains the last few decades appeared in China.

If the conspiracist theorists were correct, then the Chinese have been engaged in bioweapons involving flu strains for the past century.  All the scientists interviewed in that AP story came to a single conclusion: China was a flu breeding ground because of its customs regarding animal consumption and storage.  Just three years ago- before Wuhanmania- the Smithsonian ran this headline: “Is China ground zero for a future pandemic?”  The answer in the article, written by a Chinese female scientist by the way, answered with a resounding “YES!” and again the reason given was the animal cuisine and their barbaric “wet markets.”

For those making the claim that Covid-19 is some creation in a Chinese lab, you are letting the Chinese off the hook.  Saying that the next global pandemic would originate out of China and having nothing to do with a bioweapons lab is like saying koalas come from Australia.

In fact, the conspiracy theorists are actually co-contributors to the viral panic currently gripping the nation.  Speculating about lab-created germ warfare erases Chinese cultural culpability in the state of affairs.  This outbreak was a totally predictable and preventable phenomena and the fault lies with the Chinese.  The government could have easily stopped their people from engaging in the reckless customs that breed the environment for these flu strains.  After birthing flu after flu after flu, one would think the Chinese would act, but they did not.  They bully their people about everything else, so why not these customs?  This is a nation concerned with international trade, especially with the United States, but they adopted a cavalier attitude with gifting the world with a new strain of the flu, and then tried to hide the fact.

But, there is also American government complicity here and not on the part of the Trump administration, but dating back to 2009.  Then, Michael Posner was the Asst. Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.  In talks with Chinese leaders and in a classic America Last mindset, he essentially said that the US was in no position to pressure China on anything until we cleaned up our own act, particularly with respect to immigration.  For a more detailed examination of those talks, see this 2010 article from Michelle Malkin.

Imagine if you were a Chinese leader monitoring these talks.  What would you think?  This writer would think that the Obama State Department was filled with weak morons.  They have no filter on apologizing to and prostrating themselves before the Chinese.  It was a wink and a nod that America did not care what China did domestically or abroad.  Today, that mindset has filtered into Biden’s decrepit brain.  Remember this infamous line from about a year ago?: “China is going to eat our lunch?  Come on, man…”

The Chinese learned from the mistakes of the Obama administration.  They realized then and now that despite what Trump says and does, behind him is an infrastructure teeming with traitors who somehow feel compelled to bow before and cajole totalitarian regimes.  Posner and his ilk believe that appeasement and apology would alter Chinese behaviors domestically and internationally.  Today, the man is a professor.  At a recent Senate hearing, he was heralded and lauded by Marco Rubio (R-FL) for the “expertise” he demonstrated when it comes to China.

Instead, what has China done?  They’ve activated their Fourth Column of Democrats, globalist Republicans, and the media to run interference for the ChiComs on Wuhan virus.  They offer up story after story how the Chinese are the heroes and how well they acted to quarantine an entire major city.  The media runs with stories suggesting national amnesia on the source of the outbreak of the disease by suggesting that a virus that originated in China should not be referred to as a “Chinese” virus lest it hurt the feelings of people from China.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are keenly aware of how little it takes for this country to descend into panic, shortages, closures, and lockdowns.  When the Wuhan virus panic of 2020 subsides and America returns to some semblance of normalcy, one can rest assured that another “Made In China” viral outbreak is somewhere around the corner.  The only thing the Chinese will have learned is that they have thousands of Michael Posners in this country to come to their rescue while Americans will resort to hoarding and hysteria.

While some complain about disruptions in the international supply chain, we ignore the disruptions in the domestic supply chain at our own peril.  A virus, started in China, proved that we can do a good job of sabotaging ourselves with equal parts vigor and stupidity.  We have managed to put ourselves under siege from ourselves.

You do not need the “expertise” of Michael Posner to understand Chinese aspirations globally.  They seek domination and they will search out and use any advantage wherever and whenever they can find it to further that goal.  It is all rather really simple.  Most likely, they are sitting back in amusement and amazement in Beijing and savoring the moment.  They exposed what scares us and this time they did not even do it on purpose… this time.