The Hilarity of the DNC and Cybersecurity


Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC) is a non-profit that bills itself as making “…our political process more secure by providing political parties and campaigns with knowledge, products, and services to defend themselves from cyber threats and attacks.”  They have partnered with Google to offer free Titan security keys to the Democrat presidential campaign.  They have even promised to install and activate the keys.  After the debacle of the Iowa Democrat caucuses, the DNC should be warned about firms bearing cybersecurity gifts.

The joke that was the Iowa caucuses did not collapse because of a foreign hack, but because Shadow, Inc- an organization dominated by former Clinton cronies, sold Democrats on a difficult-to-use app and that led to the humorously mangled vote counts.  Shadow, Inc. was supposedly vetted by cybersecurity third parties, but those “disinterested third parties” had the fingerprints of Clinton and Obama campaign “experts” all over them.  Meanwhile, the 2020 DNC, which insisted on the use of the app in lieu of a telephone call for security purposes, is populated with insiders left over from 2016.

Defending Digital Democracy (DDD), the security experts Iowa Democrats were already paying to train volunteers is run by the same people that run DDC- Robby Mook, a close Clinton associate, and Matt Rhoades, the campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012.  Obviously, DDC likes to hire “experts” from losing presidential campaigns.  But it gets even better.   DDD was founded by Eric Rosenbach who just happens to be the same Eric Rosenbach who was Pentagon chief of staff in the Obama administration.  Its principle adviser is Marc Elias who just happens to be the same Marc Elias that is a top Clinton lawyer.  Founded in 2017, DDD and, by extension, DDC have been “protecting” American elections with the help of Dmitri Alperovich.  He just happens to be the same Dmitri Alperovich who founded CrowdStrike.  The fear of Russian meddling industry is one big happy family that has apparently never heard of the concept of paper ballots, perhaps the best way to thwart interference in an election.

Both Shadow, Inc. and DDC were bankrolled by LinkedIn co-founders.  Reid Hoffman provided the capital for Acronym, Shadow’s parent company, while Allen Blue is DDC’s biggest donor and treasurer.  Hoffman gave American Engagement Technologies $750,000.  They, in turn, used $100,000 of that money to New Knowledge which fabricated over 1,ooo Russian Twitter accounts to “follow” Alabama Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore.  Linking Moore to Russians was then fed to the mainstream media to sully Moore.  Hoffman later apologized… he didn’t know that is how they would use that money…

Not learning their lessons from 2016, the DNC appointed John Podesta to the Rules Committee.  He was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and the last person you want near election security.  This clown’s inability to recognize “phishing” even when the “phish” bit him on the ass led to the Clinton campaign’s emails being spilled all over the pages of WikiLeaks.  Like Mook, Podesta is aggressively pushing the threat of Russian interference ever since.  Those accusations come without any proof when any meddling, to the extent it exists, is coming from the inner workings of the DNC itself.

After 2016, some naive fools believe the DNC would not manipulate the outcome of the nomination again.  But the parties responsible for that train wreck went unpunished and argued that the party by-laws allowed them to pick a candidate in smoke-filled rooms.  Throw some window dressing on the delegate allocation system and move along, folks…nothing to see here.

What ever became of those revelations that Buttigieg’s campaign paid $40,000 to Shadow, Inc. shortly before the Iowa caucuses.  Should we care less now that Buttigieg has dropped out?  What about the fact that Acronym’s CEO was married to a Buttigieg staffer?  After Nevada announced they would not use the Shadow app given the debacle in Iowa,  that Buttigieg staffer signed on as “voter protection director” in Nevada.

Some called for the resignation of DNC chair Thomas Perez in light of the scandals and obvious conflicts of interest.  Knowledge of them are leading many to correctly believe that a fair nomination process is not taking place.  Inviting Google (which was all-in for Clinton in 2016) and another cybersecurity company obsessed with Russia to rule over election security is like inviting the local foxes to install security for the new henhouse.  Unless you are the establishment’s choice, anyone should leave the Trojan horse outside the walls.

Google interferes with search results, censors conservative viewpoints and manipulates facts in the name of “fairness.”  Are they really who anyone would want to help guard the henhouse?